Pray for Darfur

The New York Times reports that Darfur is on the precipice of a catastrophe. The 7,000 member African Union force is proving ineffective, the rebel groups have not signed on to the U. N. agreement, and the goverenment of Darfur is poised to strike. The pieces are in place for a large-scale military conflict that would devastate the people of Darfur.

“So far, negotiations over a proposed United Nations force to shore up the shaky peace in Darfur have limped along with no sign of compromise. The opposing sides in the conflict now seem headed toward a large-scale military confrontation, bringing Darfur to the edge of a new abyss — perhaps the deepest it has faced (source).”

“Shaky Darfur Peace at Risk as New Fighting Looms” – New York Times

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