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Planned Parenthood Aids “Sex-Traffickers”

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the U.S. Their business is death, and their abortion mills are a moral outrage. Lila Rose’s “Live Action” group has released more than a dozen hidden camera videos from ten states that show the alarming trend of illegal Planned Parenthood activity: cover-up of sexual abuse of minors, the skirting of parental consent laws, citing unscientific and fabricated medical information to convince women to have abortions, and Planned Parenthood’s willingness to accept donations earmarked to abort African-American babies.

The video above shows a Planned Parenthood manager in New Jersey coaching a man and a woman posing as sex traffickers how to secure secret abortions, STD testing, and contraception for their female underage sex slaves, and make their whole operation “look as legit as possible.”

Is anyone surprised that Planned Parenthood covers up the abuse of the young girls it claims to serve? They have a financial interest in hiding the abusers from the light of day. Why should we expect anything less from those who make their living destroying innocent human lives? Lila Rose is right:

“Time and time again, Planned Parenthood has sent young girls back into the arms of their abusers. They don’t deserve a dime of the hundreds of millions they receive in federal funding from taxpayers. Congress must cease funding and the Department of Justice should investigate this corrupt organization immediately.”

This kind of outrage will not stand the light of day. That is why I hope everyone will see it.

(HT: Brandy Lee)

UPDATE: Planned Parenthood has fired the staffer in the video. Read about it here.


  • Josh Wester


    I was disgusted by this video. Unfortunately, I was not very surprised by its content. According to one source, Planned Parenthood receives over 300 million taxpayer dollars per year. We must demand more accountability.

  • Ali

    The question is, can you paint the whole Planned Parenthood organisation with the same brush? Is there any reason to extend this horrifying expose beyond that particular clinic (and the one she suggested)?

  • Charlton Connett


    Making this article a little more interesting is the fact that after 12 different PP sites were contacted, and after PP suspected that this was really an undercover set up trying to uncover illegal activity at PP sites, then PP informed the FBI and specifically stated they though Live Action might be involved in this. Thus, PP did take some action about what happened, but it appears at this time that the action they took may have only been because they realized they were being investigated by Live Action. The articles that have been written, so far, seem to be trying to paint Live Action as the villains. It will be interesting to see how this works out as there may be more videos of this type coming.

    PP released its statement on January 27. If you read that statement it really seems they are trying to paint Live Action as the ones who acted improperly.

  • Christiane

    I would caution Christian people from supporting the endeavors of James O’Keefe, since the episodes with Senator Landrieu (phone tampering) and the terrible episode attempted towards Abbie Boudreau.

    Please be cautious about those you support and check out their history before posting.

    It is VERY important to know that the public IS aware of the incidents regarding the phone-tampering and also the planned and attempted incident involving CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau as the target.

    Please, be cautious. Is no one warning you all about what is known?

  • Sam

    The fact that PP did not address the issue of this particular staffer in either of its press releases, and their subsequent firing of her, is cause for a serious internal investigation of Planned Parenthood. This employee clearly was trained to answer some of the questions posed by the man. That alone is disturbing enough.

  • Ryan K.

    @ Christiane

    I don’t think anyone here is interested in supporting the people who made the video, rather it is the evil the video reveals that is in focus.

    As far as the notion goes that this was some rogue worker at PP and we should not jump to conclusions, I find this difficult to accept.

    Most people pick up the ethos of their work culture, and given that the nurse who was fired had been at PP for some time I would venture to guess she had learned the ropes of what was permissible and what wasn’t long ago.

    To be honest I see her as much more a sacrificial lamb on the part of PP, as it was vital for them to abort her employment when it reality she was probably just doing what any other nurse their would have done.

  • Derek

    Yes, we can paint PP with the same broad brush. This is an organization that lies to women, lies to taxpayers, lies to village planners (a clinic that opened up near me deliberately misled city authorities in order to get their zoning and building permits), lies to the media and even lies to their employees. The tree is thoroughly rotten from root to branches.

  • Christiane

    Hi RYAN K.

    Yes, I understand that the point is the harm being done by an employee of PP, but, unfortunately that film was heavily edited, as was the ACORN film, and that is the ‘Method of Operation’ that alerts the public not to trust the video findings.

    The public is aware of other ‘tactics’ promoted by involved individuals in the PP expose:

    for example the phone-tapping of Senator Mary Landieu’s office,

    and the vicious planned attack on the CNN reporter Abbey Boudreau, something that even the right-wing media was shocked by (they did react)

    I was afraid for the integrity of the reputation of the Southern Baptist people, if their organization is somehow linked to the group that has been involved in ACORN expose, phone-tapping, planned victimization of Ms. Boudreau, and now the PP expose.

    Perception is important. And no one wants to see the SBC tied together with O’Keefe in any way, believe me.

  • Charlton Connett


    I agree with your concerns. I haven’t viewed the video (my connection is a little slow at the moment). But, they did release the “unedited” version of the video, so you can watch that and see if you think the comments were taken out of context. Hopefully there is no manipulation, but without a full investigation from authorities it will be impossible to know.

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