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Pat Robertson Knows Who Will Be Next President

Pat Robertson is saying that God revealed to him who will be the next president of the United States, but Robertson also says that he will not reveal what he thinks God told him. He did say, however, that he is not happy about what God told him and that he hopes that he heard God wrong. Here’s the video:



  • Matt Svoboda


    You are assuming to much. You assume that if he reads Deuteronomy that he’ll understand it. haha, but seriously. This guy is such a joke and the whole world knows it!


  • mike

    I thought that Robertson said, “Im not sure that I heard from the Lord. . .”. This make me wonder:

    1 If he did hear from the Lord I wonder what His voice sounds like?
    2 If he isnt sure that he heard from the Lord, then, who did he hear it from?–YIKES!!!
    3 If it was the Lord, I wonder if the He told Robertson that he was going to be president? If He, did I hope that God is wrong also!!!! 😉

  • Andrew

    Of course he endorsed giuliani, so is this God’s choice? or maybe it isn’t giuliani and that’s why robertson was disappointed to hear who it was.

  • Matt Privett

    Robertson probably heard God say “R. Albert Mohler!”

    Seriously, though, Robertson has proven himself a joke for years now, and this is just a goofy testimony of Jesus Christ for those who do not know better. At least he’s got strong legs.

  • Don F

    There are things I like and admire about Robertson, there are also times I wish he would just keep quiet. In his defense it does seem he is not 100% sure if he really heard from God on this or not. I am not going to judge whether he has ever heard from God on anything in the past or not. Perhaps he has and perhaps sometimes he thot he did, but in reality didn’t. I haven’t “heard” from the Lord who is going to win, but I do have a strong feeling that it is not going to be a person that most Chistians seemingly want to win, meaning probably Hillary or Obama will be our next President.


    *warning: nothing substantial to contribute to this discussion*

    Okay, I held back from saying this last night, but I can hold back no longer.

    Is it just me, or is Pat Robertson starting to REALLY look like Alfred E. Neuman?

    (I know you were all thinking it and I’ll be the bad Ag and go ahead and mention it.)

  • GLW Johnson

    Robertson also publically declared that God told him that George H. Bush would defeat Bill Clinton-but after Clinton was elected Ol’Pat, instead of owning up to another of his long list of failed prophecies, said ” God must have changed His mind.”

  • debbie

    What scares me is that God could allow Hillary to win forcing the country to pray more seriously. With Bush, I feel we have become lazy and depend more on him than Depending On GOD. WE depend on the economy, military strength and our president more the prosperity, strength and wisdom of God. When we get our knees more for God’s blessing, we will get His Prosperity, not ours.

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