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    Have Southern Baptists embraced gender-inclusive Bible translation? Not by a longshot.

    Jonathan Merritt and Garet Robinson have penned an article for The Atlantic with the inflammatory title, “Southern Baptists Embrace Gender-Inclusive Language in the Bible.” The subtitle continues, “America’s largest Protestant denomination has produced a revised translation that incorporates many features it had long condemned.” No doubt the timing of this article is no accident. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) begins its annual meetings tonight in Phoenix, Arizona. It would indeed be a bombshell for messengers to learn as they arrive to the convention hall that their denomination has delivered a product that the rank-and-file have long opposed in resolution after resolution. It would be shocking if it were true. But…

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    Donald Trump announces new religious advisory board

    RNS reports that Donald Trump has named a new religious advisory board. The full list of board members is as follows: • Michele Bachmann — Former Congresswoman • A.R. Bernard — Senior Pastor and CEO, Christian Cultural Center • Mark Burns — Pastor, Harvest Praise and Worship Center • Tim Clinton — President, American Association of Christian Counselors • Kenneth and Gloria Copeland — Founders, Kenneth Copeland Ministries • James Dobson — Author, Psychologist and Host, “My Family Talk” • Jerry Falwell Jr. — President, Liberty University • Ronnie Floyd — Senior Pastor, Cross Church • Jentezen Franklin — Senior Pastor, Free Chapel • Jack Graham — Senior Pastor, Prestonwood…

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    Spring Issue of JBMW Now Online

    The Spring 2012 issue of The Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is now online, and you can download the entire issue from the CBMW website. This issue includes articles from Russell Moore, John Piper, and more. There are several book reviews, including Heath Lambert’s take on the controversial book Real Marriage. Owen Strachan has contributed an excellent article about the interchangeability of men’s and women’s roles. Louis Markos has some important reflections on gender-neutral translations of the Bible. The table of contents is below, and you can download individual articles from there.

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    Critical Reflections on “An Evangelical Manifesto”

    On Wednesday, a group of high-profile, centrist evangelicals unveiled “An Evangelical Manifesto” at the National Press Club in Washington, D. C. A nine-person steering committee is responsible for the contents of the document (including Timothy George, David Neff, Richard Mouw, and Os Guinness). There are also scores of notable “charter signatories” (including Mark Bailey, Darryl Bock, J. P. Moreland, Alvin Plantinga, Ron Sider, Jim Wallis, and others).

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    Albert Mohler Comments on “Manifesto”

    The Washington Times reports why some prominent evangelical conservatives did not appear among the charter signatories of the recent “Evangelical Manifesto.” James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Richard Land and Janice Crouse are among those not listed, and all of them have statements in the Times article. Dr. Albert Mohler is also on the record expressing reticence about the document. Here’s the relevant excerpt from the story: ‘Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., said he was passed over but doubted he would have signed a document “that vague.” ‘The document, he said, “is often eloquent and many ways sets forth some key evangelical convictions. My questions have…

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    NPR Interview with Richard Mouw

    Richard Mouw is on the steering committee that drafted “An Evangelical Manifesto.” Yesterday, NPR interviewed him about the “Manifesto,” and the audio is available here. Or you can listen to it below. The interview begins at 27:20. [audio:http://podcastdownload.npr.org/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/17/90266651/npr_90266651.mp3] I am not yet ready to post all of my reflections on the document, though I can tell you now that my review will be mixed. One of the reasons for my skepticism is confirmed in this interview. As everyone knows, leading evangelicals like James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Charles Colson, Albert Mohler, and others have not signed on to support the “Manifesto.” Mouw tells NPR that many of those who haven’t signed…

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    Anticipating “An Evangelical Manifesto”

    This weekend the Associated Press reported that a group of evangelicals will release a document criticizing an evangelical movement that is too mired in partisan politics. ‘Conservative Christian leaders who believe the word “evangelical” has lost its religious meaning plan to release a starkly self-critical document saying the movement has become too political and has diminished the Gospel through its approach to the culture wars. ‘The statement, called “An Evangelical Manifesto,” condemns Christians on the right and left for “using faith” to express political views without regard to the truth of the Bible, according to a draft of the document obtained Friday by The Associated Press.’ I have not yet…

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    Reckless Court Outlaws Homeschooling

    This story is huge. A California appeals court ruled yesterday that parents without teaching credentials cannot homeschool their own children. This development not only has implications for the homeschool movement, but also for parental right in general. Here are some resources so that you can get informed about exactly what has happened. The Albert Mohler Program (3/10/2008) [audio:http://www.sbts.edu/MP3/totl/2008/AMP_03_10_2008.mp3] James Dobson’s Focus on the Family Broadcast (3/7/2008) [audio:http://swn.edgeboss.net/download/swn/saved/oneplace/mp3/2581632/ffd20080307.mp3] *California Appeals Court Decision

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    More on Rudy Giuliani

    This is just a follow-up to my post from earlier this week, “Why I Will Not Vote for Rudy Giuliani.” Maggie Gallagher writes a scathing critique of the Giuliani candidacy that you won’t want to miss. It’s titled “Rudy’s Mythical ‘Electability’,” and here’s the relevant excerpt: “Sean Hannity spends hours every afternoon criticizing those in the GOP coalition (such as Dr. James Dobson) who won’t vote for Rudy. Sure, Giuliani may be wrong on gay marriage and abortion, but he’ll be much better than Hillary because he’ll appoint “strict constructionist” Supreme Court justices, right?

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    Why I Will Not Vote for Rudy Giuliani

    I have recently written about the candidacy of Rudy Giuliani for president and have said that I will not vote for him because he is pro-choice. I should clarify that his pro-choice position is not the only reason that I’m not supporting Mayor Giuliani. There are many other issues that also make him an unacceptable candidate (e.g., opposition to ban on gay “marriage,” support for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research). For these reasons, it is clear that Rudy Giuliani is no more conservative on moral issues than Hillary Clinton. But my concern is not so much whether people regard him as conservative. My concern is that he stands…