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Open Minds?

Princeton University recently hosted a conference on abortion titled “Open Hearts, Open Minds and Fair Minded Words.” The conference title was inspired by President Obama’s 2009 Notre Dame address in which he called on different sides of the abortion debate not only to work together where we agree, but also to engage in “vigorous debate” with “open hearts, open minds, and fair minded words.” Peter Singer was one of the organizers of the event, and David Gushee was invited to represent the pro-life view. A full list of speakers and sponsors are available here.

I just have one question for the organizers of this event. How can you have an “open” and “fair” debate about abortion (on the campus of Princeton University, no less!) without including Robbie George in the program? If he wasn’t available, then why not Frank Beckwith or the like? The leading voices on the pro-life side (one of whom is a professor at Princeton!) were not included in this debate. Why would any reasonable person regard this situation as an open and fair-minded debate? Read about it here and here.

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