LSU Finally Loses


Well, it finally happened. LSU lost to Auburn today (24-17) in a battle of the unbeatens. I knew it was bound to happen eventually. Les Miles had already used up all of his nine lives, and his luck was bound to run out. It finally did tonight. Auburn is too good and LSU too sloppy for it to have come out any other way.

LSU has a ton of talent, but it is underutilized. Jarrett Lee has just as much talent as Matt Mauck and Matt Flynn (both of whom led LSU to national championships), but LSU doesn’t have an offensive scheme to exploit his passing ability. In fact, LSU completes very few deep passes at all. They don’t do big plays anymore unless a running back just happens to break one loose from scrimmage. They’ve got a lot of talent, but they don’t have good leadership. It hurt them tonight, and it might again in the weeks ahead when they meet Alabama and Arkansas.


  • Collin

    You’re wrong, Denny. We got beat by a better team. We didn’t beat ourselves yesterday. Cam Newton beat us. Reminded me of the UT USC championship game.

  • Chris Poe

    No doubt the Hatter (and Crowton) didn’t get it done. Why they didn’t make the adjustments to deal with Auburn’s blitzes I’ll never know. Do they even have a pass catching TE?

    Although a better scheme would certainly help get the ball to LSU’s playmakers, I’m going to have to disagree on Lee based on what I’ve seen so far. He reminds me more of Jamie Howard or maybe even Josh Booty than Mauck, Flynn or some other QB’s like Davey who were arguably better than those who won championships. (Although he put up some big numbers in their championship year, I always considered Mauck to be more of a game manager.)

    Lee is more prone to making mistakes than they were, and that’s not all due to scheme. He hasn’t thrown any pick sixes this year, but he threw the INT on the fade against UT and his first attempt at the same pass against Florida would have been intercepted by many DB’s as well. He’s made a number of other mental errors (like letting the play clock expire numerous times) that can’t all be blamed on the coaches, as poor as the coaching in that area is at times. But it was good to see him perform well at Florida, especially since he performed so poorly there two years ago.

    The wonder is that LSU gave up over 400 yards rushing and was still in the game.

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