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One More Reason to Pull for LSU

Since 1984, the LSU-Alabama rivalry has served as a predictor of the Presidential election. For the last 28 years, whenever Alabama wins, the Democratic candidate wins. Whenever LSU wins, the Republican candidate wins. If that doesn’t make you an LSU fan, nothing will. It’s your patriotic duty to root against Bama! Geaux, Tigers!

Year Winner of Election Winner of Game
2008 Obama Bama
2004 Bush LSU
2000 Bush LSU
1996 Clinton Bama
1992 Clinton Bama
1988 Bush LSU
1984 Reagan LSU


  • David Thomas

    I AM pulling for LSU. But your stats go back to Reagan–the first president since before Lincoln who was elected in a “zero” year that didn’t die while holding the office of the presidency. I remember oh-so-well everyone saying that Reagan would die after being elected, and there were even bumper stickers that said “Reagan ’80, Bush [senior, his VP] ’81.”

    These trends are made to be broken πŸ™‚

    Go Irish! Go Tigers! Go Irish!

  • Dallas Goebel

    That is hilarious. I am an Auburn fan and was actually going to pull for Alabama so that the NC would stay in our state. But I am thoroughly convinced on rational superstitious grounds that I should pull for LSU now…

  • cb scott

    Dr. Burk,

    In general, your posts are pretty good and thought provoking.

    However, you know very little about FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL is so very, very far above politics in importance to America. It may be OK to compare politics to Basketball, Hockey, or Water Polo, but not FOOTBALL.

    I understand you are a SWAMP-LIZARD and you do have high hopes tonight. Nonetheless, you should know FOOTBALL should not be mentioned in the same conversation with politics.

    BTW, Can you hear it? I can!! It is ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!


    cb the Sabanite of the SABANATION…..and yes, this will be Number 15 for us as National Champions.

  • svmuschany

    In 1980, Alabama beat LSU. In 1980, this great nation elected the “political” savior, who brought us out of the 4 years of disaster that was the Carter Administration, and his name was Ronald Reagan. President Reagan would go on to lead this country to 8 wonderful years of improvement. I believe that it is time for something like that again to happen. WIth an Alabama win, Romney will go on to win the election, and 8 years of bringing this country back to greatness!


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