Obama To Rescind Conscience Rule on Abortion

President Obama has announced plans to rescind the “conscience rule,” a measure that protects healthcare workers from losing their jobs when they “refuse to participate in care they feel violates their personal, moral or religious beliefs.” In particular, the rule protects those who do not want to participate in “treatments” that destroy unborn human life.

According to the Washington Post, there may still be protection for workers who do not want to participate in abortion. But the problem comes down to how one defines abortion. There are a variety of drugs that prevent unborn babies in their earliest stage of development from implanting in the womb. Pro-choicers regard such treatments as “birth control.” Pro-lifers rightly regard them as abortion, and they do not want their employment to be threatened for refusing to dole out “care” that destroys human life.

The bottom line is this. President Obama is living up to his record as the most pro-abortion politician to ever hold the office of the presidency. This measure is merely the latest example of what we already knew about him before he was elected.


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