• Daniel

    I’m surprised Leno had the guts to bring up the issue of the government taxing anyone it doesn’t like. I just wish Obama had actually answered the question.

  • Brian Krieger

    I agree, Daniel. And what a great, articulate non-answer.

    “They made a decision that was legally correct…but morally and ethically….not.”

    But it’s OK morally (and ethically) to selectively tax (at 90%) a group that is legally correct, but you (the federal government) just don’t like. Interesting, I suppose. Doesn’t this just support the idea of flauntin the constitution that is bantered about so much these days? BTW, where is the moral standard, here? I know where mine is, but is it mass rule? The interesting thing (and great thing, actually) is the plethora of conversations that have spawned from this (as in, if someone says this is “wrong”, it’s a good lead into a “why?” and go with the conversation from there!).

  • Tom Fuerst

    No, no, what I mean intentionally funny. GW was far from intentional.

    Though, I do remember toward the en of his term, I was watching him give a speech when a couple of Bush-haters started screaming really loud and interrupting him. He took it in stride and confidently said, “There’s the power of free speech in action!” I’ll admit that that was pretty darn (intentionally) funny!

  • Darius T

    So do I. You just need to watch more of his news conferences… Bush was one of the most INTENTIONALLY funny presidents ever. His self-deprecating humor was great, and indicated the humility that made the man. For example, when his daughter got married (and thus moved out), he joked that even in his own household, he was so unpopular that his daughters were choosing to leave home.

    When that guy threw the shoe at him, he joked the next day that he didn’t understand what the guy said in Arabic, but he saw his sole.

  • Darius T

    By contrast, Obama is quite unfunny. I’m sure most of the funny lines on Leno were written for him (he may have even had to read them from the Teleprompter :)). The one time he went off script, he insulted the handicapped.

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