Nicholas Kristof Affirms “Kony 2012”

I appreciate Nicholas Kristof’s take on the Kony 2012 phenome. He answers a lot of the questions that have been raised by critics of The Invisible Children group. He also includes affirmations of the video from former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. This is an important Op-Ed to consider in your evaluation of Kony 2012. He writes,

The video doesn’t contain errors, but it does simplify things greatly to hold attention. Complexity is, er, complicated: It has been a leading excuse for inaction during atrocities — during the Armenian genocide, during the Holocaust, during Rwanda, during the Bosnian slaughter. Each episode truly was complicated, but, in retrospect, we let nuance paralyze us…

The bottom line is: A young man devotes nine years of his life to fight murder, rape and mutilation, he produces a video that goes viral and galvanizes mostly young Americans to show concern for needy villagers abroad — and he’s vilified?

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