New Star Wars Trailer (fair warning: I’m about to go full nerd on you)

The new Star Wars trailer released during halftime of Monday Night Football tonight. And yes, I watched it and thought it was epic. Keep in mind that the one writing these words got a little verklempt at the release of the last trailer (Read: “Top 10 things I love about the new Star Wars trailer”). So fair warning: I’m about to go full nerd on you. Because it was da bomb.

This trailer continues to dribble out a bit more of the storyline of Episode VII, and it is fanning theΒ  flame of speculation. Someone has arisen to “finish” what Darth Vader started. Who will it be?

forceawakens-finalposter-highresDid you notice that the recent movie poster includes images of all the favorites from the earlier movies except for Luke? Han Solo, Leia, Chewy, 3PO, R2D2, but no Luke. Or is he missing? There are masked figures in the poster and in the trailer who represent the dark side of the force. With Luke Skywalker a conspicuous no-show, we have to wonder if Luke has gone over to the other side to walk in his father’s footsteps. Is he one of the masked figures? One of them is Kylo Ren, but who is the guy at the bottom of the poster with the Storm Troopers? The arms look like Luke’s arm from the first trailer. (I warned you–full nerd)

There’s no way to know until December 17. I just found out today that a friend has bought me a ticket. Until then, I’ll try to keep the inner nerd in check (and the outer nerd too).

Update (10/20/25): A possible religious allusion here? Han Solo is asked about the stories concerning the Darkside of the force. Solo says it’s true. “All of it.” It’s almost as if the passage of time has turned larger-than-life history into memory, and memory has given way to myth. Who will believe the amazing events of the past based on the testimony of the likes of Solo? The trailer ends with the words, “Just let it in.” It sounds like a summons to faith–an exhortation to believe in old things long forgotten but necessary for understanding the present.


  • buddyglass

    If you’re talking about the storm trooper with silver armor, that’s “Captain Phasma”. She’ll be played by actress Gwendoline Christie.

  • Matt Sorrell

    I think my favorite part of the whole trailer was Han’s line: “Those stories, all of them, they’re TRUE.”

    That helps set the stage and the tone. I’m guessing we’re 20-30 years post-Endor, and in the Outer Rim area. They’ve heard all these stories about how the Empire was defeated, but they’re facing an ascendant new Empire and are having trouble believing it. And then here’s this old crotchety guy in the corner saying “Well, back in my day. . . .”

    Yeah, this is going to be an awesome movie.

  • Ian Shaw

    You gotta go trailer free Denny. I started staying in the trailer bubble and it makes the movies way more enjoyable.

    On a related note, if you got into the Star Wars novels, it becomes clear that there’s a second character that missing from this poster as well…. πŸ™‚

    • Clay W. Ginn

      I’ve read all of the new novels up to this point. I’m curious who you’re referring to. The Andy Serkis character that nobody knows about?

      • Ian Shaw

        You recall the scene in Empire when Luke was falling down off the platform? (post arm sabered off) Just before he started his slide in the ventilation shaft onto the weathervane, he slowed his descent. Let’s face it, falling off the platform, based on the height and speed, he should have gone splat.

        I’ll leave it at that…..that should be enough to get the curiosity running 100mph.

  • Sam Dilton

    “Who will believe the amazing events of the past based on the testimony of the likes of Solo?”

    No doubt someone will find their lack of faith…disturbing. echoedbreathingechoedbreating

  • mscottc

    Is Luke the masked figure in the beginning of the trailer who repels down the city-scape? The voice-over says, “Who are you?” And then another kid-like voice says, “I’m no one” while cutting to the backside of a similar looking boy walking with his pet droid. Very intriguing.

  • Will Griffin

    Well, remember I guess that it was Darth Vader who began the Empire’s demise by throwing the Emperor down the shaft. Indeed Luke could come back to finish what Darth started if the Empire has risen again. #verklempt

    • Ian Shaw

      The question should by, why is the Empire rising (if they are) and the bigger question is, if they are rising, WHO is making them rise?

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