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New Podcast on Same-Sex Attraction, Temptation, and Sin

Whenever I speak on the topic of homosexuality, it seems that one question keeps coming up: “Is Same-Sex Attraction Sinful?” How you answer this question has tremendous practical implications, not only for those who experience SSA but also for those trying to minister to them.

I recently sat down for a brief interview with Heath Lambert to answer this very query. In short, my answer to the question is “Yes, it is.” If you are interested to hear how and why, you can download it here or listen to it below. You can sign-up for the excellent ACBC podcast here. Read about it here.

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  • Chris Ryan

    What’s interesting about this rationale, Denny, is that if I’m not mistaken you believe that there may one day be scientific evidence that homosexuality has biological/genetic roots. If that turns out to be the case, this would suggest that simply by breathing they’re sinning. How could someone with a biological predisposition toward same sex attraction ever be saved? The argument here is that someone with a genetic predisposition to alcoholism is sinning even if they never take a drink. Just thinking about taking a drink is sinful. I don’t that’s Biblical.

    Same sex attraction can only be sinful if opposite sex attraction is sinful. As long as a man isn’t lusting after another man, or isn’t have sex with another man then no sin has occurred. Its a sin to lust & its a sin to have homosexual interplay. But regular everyday attraction is something that every human since Adam & Eve have had. That’s not sinful & the Bible doesn’t say it is.

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