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My Ex-Gay Friend

CaptureThe New York Times has a fascinating report about a man paying a visit to his long lost ex-gay friend. The ex-gay friend is Michael Glatze, a former homosexual who has converted to Christianity. The author is Benoit Denizet-Lewis, and he writes:

“One Saturday afternoon last winter, I drove north on Route 85 through the rolling rangeland of southeastern Wyoming. I was headed to a small town north of Cheyenne to see an old friend and colleague named Michael Glatze. We worked together 12 years ago at XY, a San Francisco-based national magazine for young gay men, back when we were young gay men ourselves… Michael was fast becoming the leading voice for gay youth until the day, in July 2007, when he announced that he was no longer gay.”

The story goes on to tell what happened during their meeting, and it is a fascinating read. Read the rest here.


  • Alex Humphrey

    That is one of the most interesting articles I have ever read. I find it especially interesting how he portrays Michael. How he seems to go out of his way to show that Michael is no working for things that are good, but is out to destroy homosexuals. He also spends a lot of time talking to Ben and giving Ben a chance to explain himself, but Michael doesn’t seem to get that same treatment – most of Michael’s explanations are by the author of the piece telling Michael’s story.

    Either way, it was a very very good article. One I will have to read over and over again and really think through.

    The comments are worth a look too. Reading those alone could teach us a lot

  • donsands

    Very interesting. I have a friend who SSA. He is attracted to same sex. Yet, he abstains from sexual activity, because the Bible clearly teaches this. I suppose our Lord one day could give him a different desire for the opposite sex. I hope so.

    In this article they do say that if you’re gay, then to go straight would be wrong. Which is absurd isn’t it. I have learned a lot by listening to others who have been converted to Christ and were homosexuals.

    May our Lord continue to help us to understand and pray in the Spirit, and speak the good news of Christ to all homosexuals. For though these are sinners and fornicators, their need is specific as well.

  • Andy

    I found it interesting how later in the article the interviewer and one of Michael’s old bosses talked about whether Michael was ever really gay. We’ve all heard the church speak of someone who has fallen away as not being really saved – they weren’t a “genuine believer”. Interesting to hear them speak in a similar way.

  • Nathan

    IMO, the subject of the article, Michael, is portrayed as a jerk. Instead of telling his experience (which no one can repudiate), he assumed that everyone in the queer community has the same experience. And so, he came across as pompous.

    Another arrogance (as he was portrayed) is when he refused to hug the author.

    He has turned from gay boi activist to a Bible thumper, and so he seems to be person taken by the extremes.

    I don’t repudiate his experience. People do change both their actions and their orientations. Sexual orientation and expression are malleable. Also, they aren’t nessesarily categorized discretely (solely gay or solely straight). I think both the author and the subject (as portrayed) each miss at least part of these truths.

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