How Lebron Broke the Golden Rule of Sports

This video is gold. Pure gold. Despite the title, it’s not actually a knock on Lebron James so much as it is a reality check for sports fans who take things a bit too seriously. Enjoy. (HT: Thabiti Anyabwile)


  • Charlie

    He really gets close on why professional sports are as large as they are.

    Another part would be the pride one builds from identifying with a winning program. A person feels successful when they are “part” of a successful sports program (though the part things itself is an illusion. a fan really doesn’t do anything which contributes to the success).

    This is why professional sports can become a religion of self. The gods (fans in the stands) need exaltation and praise from the success of team. The way they get it is from the team sacrificing their talents and skills to win. If the team’s sacrifices are good (they are winning) then the gods receive their feelings of exaltation and success and are satisfied. Yet, if the sacrifices are bad (a team, or individual players are doing poorly) the gods don’t get their feelings of exaltation. And then the gods start sending hate mail, death threats, and rioting because they don’t get the praise they want.

  • Donald Johnson


    Have you wondered why a fan will speak these 2 contradictory statements about the same (home) team?

    1. When the team wins, “We won!”

    2. When the team loses, “They lost!”

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