Mohler takes on Bart Ehrman’s Newsweek article

The cover story for the December issue of Newsweek features another anti-scripture polemic from Bart Ehrman. Albert Mohler has an article today responding to Ehrman which is worth your time to read. In my view, Mohler’s last line is the most devastating. Mohler concludes:

In the waning days of Newsweek as a print magazine, the editors decided to take on the New Testament. Readers should note carefully that it is Newsweek, and not the New Testament, that is going out of print.

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  • Don Johnson

    According to the gospels, there was at least 1 wise man and at least 2 people involved. This is because the Greek magoi is a grammatically masculine plural and those are the minimum requirements for the use of such a term as we also know that some magi were women, altho not as common as men, it was a term like doctor today.

  • adam richardson

    Ehrman’s article is sad in that he digs up a very, very dead horse to beat. Why not though? When you have an agenda and can score easy society points with a straw man that ignitable, why not impress the masses with how simply you can conjure fire? (And at the same time burn the mask off the great conspiracy – quite talented!) Have Ehrman and Dan Brown been having coffee?

    I think what’s saddest is the lack of intellectual integrity. To present inconclusive and even strange evidence as a slam dunk. Has it really come to this? Is that the best you’ve got? Really?

    • adam richardson

      @John – Glad you’ve read it and have an honest view and the courage to share it. With a bit of tongue in cheek, I would reply, have you lived life? The stories are even more ridiculous! (And a bit more seriously, have you studied literary criticism? Do you understand the different nuances of interpreting different genres? Ancient Hebrew poetry is vastly different from Hellenistic prose. But all that aside – there is a claim to miraculous events. So if you automatically preclude miracles, then yes – it is absurd. If you allow for miracles, then we have a ballgame…) Either way – thanks again for your honest words.

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