Google’s 2012 “Zeitgeist” Video

Zeitgeist is the German word for “spirit of the age.” Google tries to capture the Zeitgeist annually in a video montage of top search terms from the previous year. I really enjoyed the 2011 Zeitgeist video. This year’s is good as well. See above. Jefferson Bethke makes an appearance in this video at 2:22.

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  • dr. james willingham

    Ah! Science and Science Fiction. They had had my interest since childhood. I have read diligently in such fields and areas of life and literature from my early years. Can it be that man will go to the stars? Has man already made the attempt to go to the stars? Literally? I remember once saying to a fellow who taught intelligent agents, “I gathered that we tried to go to the stars in the early 50s. What happened?” Without missing a beat, he said, “”Something went wrong.” I put the same statement and question to a former military liaison with the CIA. His answer later was:”It happened in the early 40s, and when they launched the ship, they did not know there was a gravity warp between the earth and the moon. So they don’t know where the ship went.” I pray for a Third Great Awakening, one beginning, hopefully, in this generation that shall reach every soul on earth and continue to do so for a 1000 generations and the people who settle the multitude of planets that man will reach int he next 900,000+ years. This to fulfill the humorous remark of Rev.7:9. Thanks to the promises to be pleaded provided by Jonathan Edwards and his Humble Attempt and the works of John Owen and Andrew Fuller, The Death of Death in the Death of Christ and The Gospel Worth of All Acceptation which in their limited atonement views provide more hope for the greatest number to be saved than ever did any general or universal atonement theory. But then the therapeutic paradoxes of Scripture are like that! Exciting, engaging, empowering, entertaining, enthusiastic, ebullient, eloquent, entrancing, enticing, enduring, and essential.

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