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Meredith Vieira’s Inadvertent Pro-Life Message

Click here to watch video.Meredith Vieira did not explicitly endorse a pro-life position in her report for NBC’s Today Show. But her coverage of an amazing new 4D imaging technology speaks louder than anyone’s words.

Vieira interviews a family with triplets who allowed their babies to be imaged while in utero. The pictures are detailed live-action images and show the babies “playing” with one another in the womb. According to Vieira’s report, the pictures suggest that the babies’ relationships begin to form “almost from conception.”

As we approach the annual observance of “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday,” I think videos like this one give us an opportunity to reflect upon the blight of abortion-on-demand in our country. So while you watch the video of these unborn babies (and please, watch the video), keep in mind that it is legal in the U.S. to kill the little ones that you are looking at.

Pro-choice people generally don’t like videos such as these because the pictures are powerfully suggestive of the humanity of the unborn. As long as the unborn are invisible, people generally won’t feel the need to cope with what is being killed in an abortion. The babies can be dehumanized as “fetuses” or “tissue.” But pictures like these put the lie to that fiction.

Please watch this four-minute video, and share it with friends. No preaching is necessary. The pictures speak for themselves.


  • Rose

    I saw this piece live and heard Meredith say that and almost couldn’t believe it. I was thrilled. It is quite an amazing video…I’ll second the fact that all should watch it.

  • Jonathan Moorhead

    “Babies’ relationships begin to form ‘almost from conception.’”

    As a father of twins, I totally agree. Right from birth our twins were not happy unless they were cuddled next to each other. Amazing.

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