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Mat Kearney’s New Album Drops Today

I know there are bound to be some Mat Kearney fans who read this blog. For those who are, you’ll be glad to know that his new album “Young Love” drops today. The first single “Hey Mama” was released last month, and it’s outstanding. You can watch the video for the single below or download it here.

For what it’s worth: Music downloads cost less at than at iTunes. Kearney’s first single from this album is $.99 at, but it is $1.29 at iTunes. Likewise, the whole album is $5.99 at, but it is $7.99 at iTunes. downloads also have the added bonus of being MP3’s. If you’re like me, you prefer the versatility of an MP3 over iTune’s proprietary M4A format.

(HT: Alex Medina)


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