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Martin Bashir Talks about Bell Interview

I wrote earlier this week about Martin Bashir’s hard-hitting interview with Rob Bell. If you’ve been under a rock this week and haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a few minutes and watch it now.

Commenters under that earlier post have been asking about Bashir’s own faith commitments. They note that some reports paint him to be an atheist while other reports indicate that he is a Christian. What’s the truth? Bashir answered that question earlier today when he was interviewed on Paul Edwards’ “God and Culture” radio program. Bashir discloses that he is a committed Christian and that he attends Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. Listen below, or download here.



  • Ted

    Twice in the Bell interview, Bashir bashed Bell saying, “that’s what you’re doing, isn’t it?” He wasn’t asking a question, but making an accusation. Not good journalism IMHO

  • Jesse

    I would just like to publicly say what we are all thinking – Good money should go to Martin Bashir to be the voice for every C.S. Lewis audio book.

  • Catherine

    Relevant or not, his personal faith enabled him to shape his questions in a way that hit the nail on the head…completely disabling Bell.

  • Bob

    There’s a difference between objective reporting and the more adversarial and inquisitive interview type journalism Bashir was practicing here. GREAT journalism of the kind we need more of- imagine if the reporters who deal with our public figures and politicians took ambiguity and lack of clarity the way Bashir did. Can’t wait to see this guy get his hands on presidential candidates of both parties next time around!

  • Paula

    I loved the way Bashir framed the questions and refused to let Bell reframe the them into topics he liked better. It’s not what he has “said” that is problematic, it’s what he’s “saying.” That’s the distinction Bashir was trying (futilely) to get Bell to commit to.

    On another note, I was rather frustrated with Bashir dodging questions about his own faith. He seemed so intent on making the point that he’s a journalist first and a Christian second.

  • Derek

    I think Bashir was very concerned that people are saying that he cannot be objective because of his own faith. There are many people saying that he had an axe to grind and so forth. He did put all of his cards on the table with very candid explanations of why he is not a Muslim and also about what his own personal beliefs are.

  • Brian Buckley

    The perplexing thing to me is this: The question Bashir keeps repeating is actually addressed in the book. I’m not sure why Bell doesn’t spit out a better response. I finished the book days ago, and I can clearly remember the proper response. I won’t share it here. You all need to read it for yourselves.

    The funny thing is, it’s not the section on hell that would land Bell in any Universalist camp. He’s not proposing anything new in regards to hell. The question he asks at the end might get him closer. I also won’t share the question. I will say I think it’s valid, it’s BIG, and we could discuss it until the end of our days. I hope, and I’m guessing Bell does to, that we do just that.

  • Jeff Miller

    @Andy “Repristinate-to restore to the first or original state or condition.” In other words we should always be willing to adjust our understanding of Jesus’ teaching so that it matches more closely that which was intended when He originally taught.
    The other funny word I used “evoution” was supposed to be evolution 🙂 What do you think?

  • james

    1st check this out awesome response to the rob bell interview in defense of the scripture
    Rob bell is no emergent Goliath lol, I’m a Christian I attend a Calvary chapel in ca but hold to nothing but Christ (IE denominations aren’t important truth is). On this interview and concerning Bashir, right on point my only grief is that the denny burk, you don’t need to slander a whole movement over one fool. This is what’s done to christians universally. I’ve heard many people speak against the emergent church movement if that’s what you would call it so i took it upon myself to sit down and talk with some members in that community and i flew to Seattle last year to visit mark driscoll’s mar’s hill. Are there differences in custom, yes but there is everywhere. do people where suits and a tie no but who cares (i am from SC and have lots of suits and ties lol). Was the gospel that was being thought any different from that of scripture. I must profess, no. of the churches I’ve seen and visited that one my conclude are of an emergent background (mostly due to the age of the lead pastor) they are being a better representation of a biblical church than many evangelical groups today, not all, caught up in selfish gain more than the furtherance of the gospel. check out the Acts 29 network if you never have.
    in short… 3 types of people; his sheep, lost sheep, and wolves. Is rob bell a wolf? If so, forgive my language but hell yeah then call him out. If he’s a lost sheep of Christ, follow what the Bible says concerning the offense of a brother and correcting a brother in love. Being a Christian is no cure all for ignorance or being incorrect. Don’t try to use one man to label a whole people group. I’m an African American and have had it done to me, I’m a Marine and deploying I’ve had it done to me. It’s just blissful ignorance to do so. There are many famed “evangelicals” that I would consider to be heretical and far from the truth in practice and teaching but if I were to label or judge the whole of the Christian community from their bad example where would that leave me, where would that lead you to judge Christians on the basis of your bad experiences.
    What are labels besides the means of dividing ourselves umongst ourselves? There is but one church, and a few imitators. Sheep are met with love, give no quarter to wolves. Pray for discernment, defend the truth at all times, and remember it is Christ that has saved you even from yourself. He is all we can stand on and only him can we boast in.

  • Jill

    Mr. Bashir’s show makes me wish I had cable tv! I always thought that he might be a Christian, but I rejoice in hearing him confess it!!
    Rob Bell has sadly taken over the faith of many in my town. I actually attended his church for a short time. Unfortunately, he is a walking ball of talent that is wasting his life on distorting the truth.

  • yankeegospelgirl

    Bell did not come out well in the interview at all. I thought Bashir handled it terrifically. Bell was given chance after chance to resolve the contradiction in what he’s said, and he wouldn’t do it.

    I do have one question though: Why do you think Bashir started the interview with the classic false dichotomy concerning the problem of evil? Yes, Bell’s answer was hopelessly muddled, but it was still a loaded question. Since Bashir is a Christian, I’m just curious that he took that approach there. Perhaps he wanted to see how Bell would respond?

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