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Kevin DeYoung Weighs-in on the Elephant Room

I agree with everything Kevin DeYoung writes in his thoughtful reflections about The Elephant Room. On the central question of the Trinity, Kevin writes,

I’m not at all convinced Jakes understands or affirms orthodox Trinitarianism. But even if he meant to do so at the Elephant Room, the issue was not pressed far enough. Saying yes to the right formulations is one thing, but on something as fundamental as the Trinity, we ought to be concerned that a pastor celebrates and promotes the doctrine with passion and joy. We want to know that these core doctrines animate, infuse, and inform our pastoral ministry. We want to see that brothers understand the negation of what they affirm and are willing to guard the flock against these errors. And if someone is espousing a new position or a fuller understanding of the truth, it’s fair to know how they intend to correct previous mistakes and how their ministry will change as a result. These aren’t egghead, nitpicking questions. They get to the heart of the Christian faith and the essence of pastoral ministry.

Kevin also talks about his hesitation to speak out. He writes,

Looking back, I regret that I did not do more to speak more directly about the Elephant Room and the serious mistake in inviting T.D Jakes to share the platform in this way.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the reasons he gives for waiting until now. We should all have such “hesitations” about controversy among brothers.

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  • Reg Schofield

    What bothered me about the whole affair was the silence by many who are part of the Gospel Coalition. The silence was deafening to my ears and many seem to trying to do damage control as MacDonald has resigned from it and yes I read his reasons.

    Bottom line for me , Jake’s said much and said nothing at the same time and neither MacDonald nor Driscoll challenged him in any real significant way . It was as tame as having a baby chicken in the room . Can you fathom a Calvin,Luther, Spurgeon or Paul soft balling questions to someone who has preached a false gospel and holds to a unbiblical view God. Driscoll for all his bluster about being a man , had a chance to truly challenge someone who has mislead millions and as far as I’m concerned , chickened out . As Dr.James White pointed out on his Dividing Line program , just a few clear questions would have put Jakes in a position where he couldn’t dodge . Truly disappointing .

    • cd triplet

      I agree with you Reg…Dr. James White needs to involved with these events on a regular basis along with John MacArthur. I was disappointed in Mark Driscoll. I could have done a better job.

  • cd triplet

    Dr. James White needs to be invited to participate at events such as these…..period!!!
    He will be gracious and Christ like but ask the hard questions and not allow any wishy washy answers to fly.

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