• donsands

    “And winning Christians who are off on theological essentials to an orthodox position is also more fun than winning arguments. My main aim is not to win arguments with my critics, but win people to my Christ.”-MD

    So Mark was wanting to win TD to his Christ. But, the arguing is part of the process, I’m afraid. It all goes together, don’t it? Pardon my English.

    Justin says he doesn’t know if TD is a Trinitarian, or a Modalist. Well, I guess we’ll never know then; until our Lord returns I guess.
    TD could be condemned to hell, but, we’ll have to wait, I guess. It’s like that with some preachers I suppose.

    For me, I’m thinking he doesn’t believe God is three Persons, but One God, and Jesus IS the Father, as he has said and preached.
    He most likely is quite rich, which is fine to have money, but I wonder if the money has any sway upon his heart?

    Thanks for the post, and the link to MD.

    Those are my crazy thoughts after reading all the Elephant Room stuff. It’s been different and yet good.
    We are discussing the truth, and the things of our Lord.

    I pray our Savior will use all this for His pleasure to move upon hearts in tenderness, and maybe even harden hearts. To His name be all the honor and glory, forever and ever. Amen.

  • Scott

    1) Driscoll pointed to the numerical success of his ministry as proof that the egalitarian position is bankrupt. Read the transcripts of his controversial interview in England.

    2) now, Driscoll is basically saying that he can only learn from folks with churches larger than his own.

    What am i missing here?

  • Steve Hayes

    I don’t think I like the way this blog is characterizing this entire deal. If the point of The Elephant Room is to bring under the surface issues that the evangelical Christian community has with particular pastors who profess certain beliefs/ministry styles to the surface, then I’m fascinated by those conversations and think they are, for the most part, profitable. I applaud James MacDonald for gathering these pastors together and tackling some of these issues face to face. I reject bloggers and other critics who lob pot shots from the cheap seats because MacDonald didn’t say things the way they would have, or didn’t go after other pastors with the veracity that they think he should have. To me, that’s arm chair quarterbacking at its worst.

    It’s ok with me to hear that there are elephants in The Elephant Room, but it’s not ok with me to see others tear into MacDonald because he didn’t dig deeply enough into the issues. The fact is, at least he is bringing these issues to light, and he’s doing it face to face. I like the fact that he’s confronting some of these issues, and, who’s to say that he won’t have TD Jakes back next time to deal with these issues further?

    I guess I just don’t understand what all the fuss is over this. This deal seems to be an ongoing conversation that requires a ton of guts from pastor MacDonald. Most of us just type our criticisms in a online discussion with people who we don’t know. This guy (MacDonald) is actually calling people out face to face. I, for one, applaud him for it.

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