Piper’s first-day thoughts on not being a pastor anymore

Having completed his course at Bethlehem Baptist Church, John Piper has a meditation on the joy of “finishing things.” He writes:

Therefore, as I woke up on this Monday morning for the first time in 33 years without the official mantle of pastor, the only tears that came were tears of thankfulness. And under them was a great joy. It is finished. It has a completeness to it. God started it. God sustained it. God ended it. And I have loved it. And I love looking back on it, complete. Imperfect in a hundred ways, but not because it was too long or too short. Being Bethlehem’s pastor has been my life. But now it is finished. And I am thrilled at what lies ahead — for her and for me. Especially in a thousand years.

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  • Drew Taylor

    In God’s providence, he has helped my Christian walk more than any other person alive. On an unrelated note, his hair in that last sermon kind of had an old “Bilbo Baggins” feel to it. He had better not show up with a pony tail anytime soon.

  • Randall Seale

    Denny, thanks for posting. What a rich example and legacy of pastoral faithfulness and preaching. Thanks be to God in the Name of Jesus for John Piper. Brothers, we are not professionals – but he sure seemed to do it better than most.

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