Jen Hatmaker on “The Today Show” this morning

Last week I tweeted a link to Jen Hatmaker’s hilarious end of the school year blog post. I think that blog had gone viral long before I linked to it. The blog post ended up being so popular that it landed her on “The Today Show” this morning. You can watch above.


  • Robyn Vasile

    I was appalled by that blog and think as a Christian woman she should not have written it. As a former teacher I would never have wanted to see that my students had lied to me because their parents were “too tired” to teach them responsibility. Some projects that are necessary but not critical to the students’ grades are saved for the end of the year because they are meant to be fun for the students and a time to build memories. It is sad that parents like her treat them as such a waste of time. To see counselors and administrators also find humor in this is disgraceful. It is no wonder our children hate school and disrespect authority….(I was also quite embarrassed for her son when she posted his pic and then said she was glad to see a costume in the class worse than his. Sheesh, imagine how he feels hearing this and knowing thousands have seen his. picture…really, mom??)
    The Bible is clear that our order of importance goes to 1. God 2. Family 3. Everything else including work. If this woman is too tired to pay godly attention to the education of her FIVE children (and if I am correct, this is the fourth one, so she should know the curriculum by now), then she is spending too much time blogging, traveling, and lecturing.
    Um, btw, since when do parents do the children’s projects for them?The only times I graded work that I knew parents did for their children, I gave them separate report cards! 🙂
    Mike, I wrote several comments and was told basically to stuff it. How can this woman be such a negative Christian example and yet so many “Christians” think this is funny? Teaching kids to lie to authority is bad enough, but to shut down in May leaves teachers with NOTHING to work with for at least three weeks. Can you imagine the classroom chaos???

    • Scott terrell


      Jen is a wonderful mother and wife to her husband. Please try to read her blog with more grace an understanding. You’ll find it quite refreshing in a time when competing influences, be they sports or a plethora of extracurricular activities, demand perfection from children and parents alike.


  • Jenny Schooley

    Wow! Robyn Vasile, you appear to have no sense of humor! Jen Hatmaker has such a great approach to Motherhood. She charges my battery and I look forward to seeing her speak at my church Friday night. To be sure, if you ever hit the speaking/blogging circuit, I’ll be sure to avoid it. Yuck!

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