It’s okay to fight against homosexuality

Christy McFerren shares her gut-wrenching testimony in a recent post at the online Prodigal Magazine. The story is gut-wrenching because she has experienced powerful attractions to other women throughout her life, yet she has never given in to a homosexual identity. In fact, her whole testimony is aimed to communicate that it’s okay to fight if you’re a homosexual. It took her years to come to this conclusion, but that is where she ended up. For me the most powerful part of her testimony is in the following lines. Pay special attention to the underlined portion:

Sometimes I agreed with God about my sexuality because He is Lord, and love is a choice, and that is all. My emotions were left out of the equation so many times because I had to believe either my feelings were lying to me or God was. I purposed in my heart to honor God’s design no matter how it felt, for a very, very long time. I could feel in the waiting that Life was at work in me. Hope was at work in me.

There was never a pinnacle moment when I knew, “I’m not gay anymore. I feel different.” My liberation was unceremonious. Freedom matured in me through a process, from the seeds of truth that God planted and people watered along the way. It wasn’t one decision I made not to be gay, there were many. Like Proverbs 4:18 says, “… the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day.”…

—but its brightening from morning to noon happens in indiscernible progression. Yet noon is undeniably brighter than the dawn. In the same way I can say with confidence today that I am free.

I am a testimony that homosexuality can be a choice. It was a fight, but it was worth every tear I cried and every drop of blood Jesus shed. We won this thing together. It was a fight for honor. For dignity. For agreement. Out of that agreement comes the power that overtakes the impossible, and if you’re struggling with this, I’m here to tell you…

It’s OK to fight.

I don’t know anything about Ms. McFerren except what I’ve read in this article and on her website. But what I see here is glorious. I hope and pray that some of you who struggle with this issue will be strengthened by McFerren’s testimony to believe God that it’s okay to fight against a homosexual orientation (Rev. 12:11). It’s not a fait accompli that you have to give in to. You don’t have to give in to voices that are telling you otherwise. Read the whole thing, and see that God can do the impossible (Matt. 19:25-26).


  • Brent Walker

    Thanks for sharing. This is a great encouragement. From those that I have talked who have struggled with same-sex attraction, it is evident that this is a very difficult battle. This story shows the power that Christ has over sin.

    • Darlene Malone

      Darlene Malone says: Just like any other sin God’s word says we are to resist temptation and flee from sin. To not fight with God’s help we fall prey to that sin whatever it may be because we have no power over sin within ourselves. If we did we wouldn’t have needed for Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. Satan the enemy of our souls doesn’t stop tempting us with a sin just once he keeps coming back at us hoping to break down our resistance, hoping we will not turn to God for help. God’s word says in Ephesians 6:12 that we wrestle not against the flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. So right there we are told we are in a battle. When we are resisting the same temptation again and again and relying on our Lord for help, we can’t help but rejoice when the day comes that we realize it no longer is a temptation for us. Praise God!

  • Lore Ferguson (@loreferguson)

    I read the article when it was first published and read it with tears. Christy was not only brave for writing and posting it, her confidence in God’s truth above her feelings stood out singularly in the blogosphere. One of the best posts I’ve read on the subject and on Prodigal. My favorite line from her post was, “I don’t have to make an enemy of God just because I’m not quite like Him yet.” This shows such maturity in the gospel in a time when our first reaction to what seems unfair from God is to discount His character.

  • James Haga

    Why was it a fight??? all she had to do was to be saved and become a child of God get her KJV and read it and be obedient to the word of God. and as she would be obedient God would be faithfull,He can not lie to you, and he loves the sinner. and Homosexuality is a sin. and not a choise, God did not give Sodom a choice!!!!!!!!

    • Natasha (Domestica)

      That is legalism at it’s finest! 🙁

      Are you saying that Paul didn’t read his bible enough and that’s why he struggled with the thorn” in his flesh his whole life?! That’s not sound theology. Jesus prepared us for the battle of this life (warring our flesh, the Enemy, and our fallen world) so we know that we will never be without a fight until we reach heaven.

      You have a vice, too. It might not be homosexuality but it’s something. PRIDE? If you don’t think you do, then you’re just as lost as the gay person who doesn’t think they have a problem.

      • James Haga

        I am sorry you feel that way, from where i sit you don’t have the faintest idea of what leglism is ,,And i never said she would not have a battle with it <Jesus said "In this life we will have tribulation" no matter how much you love or how much you follow him. He can handle homosexuality just like he handless a drunkerard or any other kind of sin. A lier for instance. You may go through your christain life but some where along the way you will do something wrong, that you have to ask God to forgive you, and God is always faithful. But you cannot pretend to be something you are not and expect God to listen to you. Pride is one of the worst sins you can commit ,according to Proverbs. But you will invailablity have some in your life time . There is no one perfect accept Jesus Christ, and God does and will Forgive the sin of Homosexually. But when he does his part then there is a part of that confession that the sinner must apply to his life and that is called REPENTANCE. And Paul of all people prbably stayed in the state of comfession more than anyone.

        • Natasha (Domestica)

          I thought your original comment sounded like legalism because it came across as “she didn’t DO the right things. If she did, she wouldn’t need to fight. She would never struggle with that particular sin again.” As if she should be “cured” from her homosexual inclinations. But perhaps I misread your intention?

          Because I do agree with everything you’ve just said in your second comment. So perhaps what you were meant in your original comment was that this woman wouldn’t have had to “fight” so much if she would just repent of the sexual sin and stop using the scapegoat of “I’m gay…but I need to fight this” (since that’s a lie from the enemy — God doesn’t design us to be gay).

          I also agree that we all choose to sin — homosexuality or otherwise. All sin is a choice and requires repentance if we are to grow in our relationship with Christ and remove the planks in our own eyes! The challenge with homosexuality is that it’s seen as a social norm and most Christians treat homosexuals as if they are the lepers of our time.

          And we all know what Jesus did with the lepers! 🙂

    • ELD

      what a blessing it must be to live in such a plain and simple world like you do, where all things are either black or white, and no shades or colors even exist.

      • paul0247

        It is indeed a blessing and Jesus said “Whosoever will, may come”. The trip is already paid for and you are guaranteed all the help you need and forgiveness when you stumble. Can’t get any better than that.

        • Kevin Dean

          And for those who have transgressed like with all sins Christ has paid the price for them and His hand is outstretched towards us always. But we have to be willing to stretch our hands towards Him and through repentance and change achieve that embrace of forgiveness. There is a reason that Christ lived His life the way He did, to be an example and we are to try to be like Him. He didn’t have it easy. Christianity is a hard road to walk, and with the world the way it is today, it sometimes feels like we are walking that road alone. But we have to remember that God loves all of His children and His Son has paved the way back to Him; and though that path may seem hard there are blessings along the way and more that wait for us on the other side if we endure this life well.

    • Mac Boney (@MacBoney3)

      Apparently you have never experienced any addiction. Addiction to sexual behaviours has got to be just as hard or harder to overcome as smoking, drinking, drug use etc. It is not so simple as you think. Following Christ doesn’t mean that it is easy, but that you can do it with his help and trust me, many things require help. I hope you do not counsel anyone with such a simplistic statement as you have made. Making light of the fight is condescending.

        • Michele Brewster

          Yes it IS a choice – it is a lie from Satan that God “made” a person with same-sex-attraction and intended them to act upon that attraction.

          God made male and female to become one flesh which not only describes the sexual union but also the ability of procreation. Homosexual sex is based only on pleasure and not the complete and total giving of self as God designed marital relations to be. This is why it’s also a sin to have any sexual relations outside of marriage (which itself would then exclude homosexual relations since true marriage is 1 man to 1 woman).

          Same sex attraction is an addiction like any other addiction and the only reason anyone doesn’t see that anymore is due Satan’s accomplishment of causing people to accept Moral Relativism; and which is perpetuated by the huge political agenda that Satan has going especially within the gay community. Satan is trying to tell us that good Christians must accept everyone “as is” no matter what sins are evident including their sexual lifestyle etc. This is a lie. Christians are to love the sinner but hate the sin and are called to correct those who are living in sin to give them the chance to seek God’s forgiveness and to repent so they can live eternally with God after death.

    • Jack Jackson

      Jack Jackson
      James, it is a fight because all human sexuality outside of marriage between one man and one woman is wrong and demands action, we have worked with men who have a desire for women like Christy has and they are wrong also, especially the married ones who desire other women! I applaud Chirsty’s struggle for purity…

  • Terri

    We all have a fight….our mind is a battlefield. Some fights are bigger than others. Some of the hardest struggles are the sweetest victories when we realize the love and grace of Christ.

    • Jack Jackson

      Jack Jackson
      Yes Terri, He gives us the grace to live pure and not be burdened with the consequences of our actions if we will let Him, and He gives grace to bare the burdens of our consequences if we fail…it can be a heavy weight however!!

      • Jerry

        I think I am beginning to understand your point of view.

        The Gospel tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:1–4 of the facts of Christ’s Resurrection: “Now I make known to you, brethren, the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received, in which also you stand, 2 by which also you are saved, aif you hold fast 1the word which I preached to you, bunless you believed in vain. 3 For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.”

        This scripture was specifically designed to naturally open a conversation about what sin is and why Christ is necessary.

        The Bible says that we are ALL sinners (Rom. 3:23). This means that we have ALL offended God. We have all broken His law. Therefore, we are guilty of having sinned. There is no need to differentiate between sins here as we are all guilty. Because of this, we are naturally separated from God (Isaiah 59:2), are dead in our sins (Rom. 6:23; Eph. 2:3), are unable to please God (Rom. 3:10-11), and will suffer separation from him for eternity (2 Thess. 1:9) as opposed to living with him in eternity. The only way to escape this judgment is by receiving Christ, by trusting in what Jesus did on the cross (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 Pet. 2:24) and by having a relationship with Him.

        Since we are sinners, we are incapable of removing the guilt of our sinfulness through our own efforts. Gal. 2:21 says, “…if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly.” The Law is the do’s and don’t’s of moral behavior. Those under the law, speak of the law frequently. Their very attitude betrays their heart in the words and actions that come out of them. Like the Pharisees in Jesus time, there exists (in our time) the same Pharisitical attitude. In other words, the true Gospel tells us that we can’t become righteous by what we do. Why? Because we are dead in our sins (Eph. 2:3).

        This means that since we cannot remove our own sins, God must do it. No amount of brow beating, yelling, screaming, CAPITALIZATION, or judgement will remove a person’s sins. God must do it.

        Jesus, who is God in flesh (John 1:1,14; 8:58; Col. 2:9), bore our sins in His body on the cross (1 Pet. 2:24). He died in our place. He paid the penalty of breaking the Law of God that should have fallen upon us. He satisfied the law of God the Father by dying on the cross.

        It is only through Jesus that we can escape the penalty that God will execute upon all who have broken his holy and perfect law. Do you want to be saved from the righteous judgment of God? If so, if you want to become a Christian and follow God, then you must realize that you have sinned against God (like all humans have by nature), and are under his judgment. You must look to Jesus who died on the cross and trust what he did in order for you to be forgiven of your sentence and be saved from the judgment of God. This is accomplished by faith alone in what Jesus has done. You cannot add any human works to what Jesus has done.

        That said, the struggle is also part of the challenge. We must all “bear our cross daily”. Our individual struggles are unique, and (I believe), designed to be so that we may share with others and help others as they struggle with like inclinations and behaviors.

        This Gospel is very freeing. There is no need to judge….just offer Christ, professing that “We have all fallen short” and let him do the work He was created to do.

        We need to get off the throne and let Him do His job.

  • Linda Conklan

    Christy’s discussion can carry over to every other sin. Either we believe God or we believe what we feel. What an amazing attitude in a time when we are taught to go with what we feel. How refreshing to know that there are those who will stand on the promise of God even when it is a struggle to do so. Wonderful testimony!

  • Jay

    This article is very misleading. As gay Christians, who trust Christ, who love him and know his love, our struggle is generally not about what God thinks of us. If we’ve met him, we know him. It is about what society and the Church think about us. Saying “it’s ok to struggle” is a misnomer. True freedom is, through faith and courage, coming out despite persecution and rejection from family and friends. Our suffering is not because of our orientation. Our suffering is because of how we are treated for our orientation.


    • Mac Boney (@MacBoney3)

      Satan has met Christ and knows him but he does not follow him. I think you are throwing up straw men. “Coming out” as you call it has nothing to do with what is sinful except acknowledging that you have a problem. That is fine up to that point, but what are you going to do a out it, keep wallowing in the sin or ask for help to overcome what God has condemned as sinful?

    • Margaret Nahmias

      Yes, but in this case her suffering was her homosexual feelings despite not wanting to be. It is shows that it can be overcome in a loving way. The response of her fellow Christians was very different from what is shown in the mainstream No offense, but it still a sin in God´s eyes. It disproves the myth that you have to give in those feelings., In you community it is a refusal to call it what it is because you think it cannot be helped.

  • Jay

    Can truth be separated from love? Does love bear itself out in the real world? If so, is there evidence? Is love only for believers? What about freedom? What does Christ show us in these matters? What does history show us? The kingdom of God is marked by irony no doubt.

    • James Haga

      God is Love , Jesus Christ is truth, they can not be seperated, and God does love Homosexuals, and any, other sinner and he loved so much that he destoryed million of them in Sodom, surely you know the story if you read your bible, and not a watered down version, And yes God did die for the world(Sinners) and you are right His eternallove is only for those that beleive. That is exacalty what is wrong with our world today,People say that God loves them ,and He does, but you have to love him back if you want his love and blessing and eternal life. You can come to or know Him and say you love him and keep on sinning against a Holy God. If one is born again into the family of God he will live in hibutchel sin. or keep on living the same life style. It is called REPENTANCE, and if you say you love God and do not repent of the sin you are living ,you make god to be a lier. 1John 3: 8-9 There is only one God. there is other nreligions but only one God. Baell will not answer prayers, Satan will and satan will make the wicked mind believe that it is truth. Gods people must learn to be decearners of the truth.When one gets saved and repents of his sin,and sins.(Name them one by one) then sanctification sets in and he will start to learn By Holy Spirit teaching him the proper way to live for Christ, But just like going to school. if you don’t study the school books yoou don’t learn nothing. How can you know God if you do nt read his word. and I guarentee if you do read His word he will lead you in all truth.

      • Jerry

        Here is the truth about Sodom: “‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.” Ezekiel 16:49

        A sin that many in the U.S. are currently guilty of (I would have to include myself in this).

        Cherry picking the truth of the Word to promote one sin above another is disgusting and lessens the sacrifice of Christ and the love of God. Perhaps if you were to study the whole council of God, and not just words that promote a popular, and convenient form of bigotry, the Holy Spirit may reveal more of God’s love to you.

        The world demands tolerance. God demands more of his followers….he demands Love. Loving others is often dirty, uncomfortable, corrective but non judgmental, risky, and unpopular; you know….like Jesus did when he was here.

        • Natasha (Domestica)

          Yes!! BAM!! Thank you for this awesome scripture and a clear smack-down for anyone who thinks they’re better than the people of Sodom, simply because they’re not gay! You are right that we are all so guilty of these things — being “arrogant” in thinking that we’re better than other countries, having a nation full of “overfed” people who turn a blind eye to the epidemic of poverty, etc.

          I also love what you’ve said about Jesus loving people even when it was dirty and messy. This is what I meant when I said that I believe homosexuality has basically become the lepers of our modern day society. We like to point our fingers and talk about how sinful they are when in reality, if Jesus were here, he’d be loving on them more than those of us who think we’re oh-so clean. Bob said it really well (below your comment) — we need to stop getting so bent out of shape over who’s going to heaven (NOT our call!) and just focus on how we can all put our trust in Jesus, looking to Him for our TOTAL heart satisfaction!

          • Jerry

            Amen, Natasha. I can only imagine how it saddens God to have us treat each other so poorly, much less (secretly) desire that homosexuals end up in hell (which was not made for humans in the first place).

            Yes, we need repentance…but the way to repentance is through the Gospel, not condemnation.

  • Bob Cowgill

    God’s view on sexuality is plainly stated. Any sexual activity that involves another person is to take place between a man and his wife, period, no exceptions.
    In that context, homosexuality is no different than adultery.
    As a heterosexual male, I struggle continually with attraction to women other than my wife.
    But, though the thoughts and temptation are there, the decision is still up to me, whether or not to act on them.
    Homosexuality is simply a few years behind adultery in gaining social acceptance.
    Now here is something sure to raise the ire of those who think otherwise:
    NO ONE is “born” homosexual or heterosexual. We are physically plumbed as males or females.
    As a young child, unless you are subjected to an intensely perverted environment, I seriously doubt that you were sexually attracted to EITHER gender.
    It is at that age, which differs for some when the hormones launch the adolescence to puberty rocket in our brains which results in us pursuing whatever catches our eye.
    And, from the Christian perspective, here’s my take: Since the Bible tells us that homosexuality is just one of a whole list of sins which, left unforgiven will keep someone from Heaven, I would take this (admittedly controversial) position:
    Since God says that He is not willing that ANY should perish (miss Heaven, not be saved), if He had EVER created even ONE person who was born with an uncontrollable compulsion to commit acts which God Himself says are disqualifiers, and God says He cannot lie, then it is GAME OVER for God.
    Under those conditions, the Bible has irreparably contradicted itself and can no more
    be relied upon as a guide to eternal salvation than could a Batman comic book.
    So there are the plain and simple, “black and white” choices.
    Either what is written in the Bible about human sexuality is TRUE, and we DO have the ability to curb our sinful desires (mental infirmities aside), or the ENTIRE” God thing” is just a sick joke meant to keep us from enjoying ourselves however we choose.
    I know which one I believe.
    How about you?

    • Natasha (Domestica)

      Thank you for this great comment! I totally agree!

      As I mentioned in my comment above (to Jerry), I think we all need to focus more on where our own heart satisfaction is coming from. Is it coming from damning other people so that we can feel good about ourselves? Is it coming from giving into our sinful desires and urges? Or is it coming from denying our selfish impulses and instead, spending time seeking God and asking him to make us more like Him?

      Because I believe that when we do the latter, our temptation to sin lessens because our hearts are satisfied in a way that nothing in this world can give us. When I was a shallow Christian, who didn’t spend any time in the Word, prayer or fasting, I was quick to fold when temptations came my way. But as I matured, faced great trials, and spent more time seeking God, I found that those temptations just didn’t hold as much weight. I had tasted the sweetness of a Jesus who loves like no other person can love — and I was hooked. I didn’t need the fleeting passions I had so desperately clung to before and the “holy living” that James talked about earlier was a natural byproduct of that. In that sense, I think James had a good point — that when we really seek our heart satisfaction from Christ, the struggle ceases to be much of a fight and we adopt an “all-in” obedience that seems outlandish and foreign to most people.

    • David Wagner

      I would amend your statement as follows: any sexual activity whatsoever, when carried out apart from its unitive or procreative aspects, is sinful. God’s design for sexuality is that it binds a husband and wife together (the two shall become one flesh), and that it is the means for bringing children into the world. When sexual activity excludes either of these dimensions or both, it is outside of God’s will and design. After child-bearing years have passsed, a husband and wife are still becoming one flesh, and so, their sexuality is godly.

      All other sexual acts do not tend to either procreation, or unity, and are therefore acts that separate the individual from God if left unrepented of.

      • Natasha (Domestica)

        That is a very bold statement. Although I do believe we are all meant to procreate, I don’t believe that God wants us to have “simple” sex lives with our spouse — simply going through the “traditional” motions in an effort to make babies and nothing else. How boring!! And pretty certain Song of Songs has something say about that!

        • Anne Galivan

          I could be wrong, but I think David is pointing out an important component of this discussion: that procreation is a key part of the reason for marriage…which demonstrates further that homosexuality is never a part of God’s plan for someone’s life (and, going further, that no one is “born” homosexual).

          In other words, homosexuals cannot procreate. That alone speaks to its “wrongness” if you will. I don’t think David is saying that married couples are consigned to having boring sex. Rather, he is saying that the fact of procreation being a part of God’s design for sexuality speaks to the wrongness of homosexuality.

          And I would add that the fact that we allow homosexuals to adopt children, in many states at least, is a stench in God’s nostrils. That we would subject children to this perverse lifestyle is abominable. A recent study showed that children raised in homosexual households are over 20 times more likely to be molested than children raised in heterosexual households. 20 times!

          • David Wagner

            Thanks, Anne. You’re right in your assessment of my comment regarding procreation. There is more, though. I believe that when Jesus tells us that “the two become one flesh” He is speaking about the unitive aspect of sexual relations between a man and a woman. So there are two divine intentions for marital sexuality: binding the husband and wife together into one flesh, and the raising of children. The binding can be spread out over a lifetime, which would explain why pregnancy is not the result of each and every act, and why marital sexuality extends beyond child bearing years. If I made it sound like consigment to a boring sex life, mea culpa. The binding together of husband and wife into one flesh is designed, I believe, to be anything but boring and tedious.

  • James Haga

    This is a lie right out of the pit of hell, “Is it coming from damning other people so that we can feel good about ourselves? Is it coming from giving into our sinful desires and urges? Or is it coming from denying our selfish impulses” Or that you just want to argue about the word of God “”Every time one tries to teach some one something right out of the Bible they qoute this , I get sick of hearing it. Un doubtly you have never been saved or you just don’t know your bible. The Bible has more to say about sin than it does about salvation. do i become your enemy because i tell you the truth. Every homosexual, and even Muslems who have accepted Jesus Christ as saviour and i know a few.,are living a changed life ,it is all about Him not about you or anyone else. And I tell you it is the best and joyful life you can live. Tribulation YES but Jesus can help you through it. If you are and if you are just thinking about sex sins , God loves you and he wants to save your soul from hell. Go out and get you a Bible that tell you the truth, not one that tells you you can keep living iin sin and still go to HEAVEN

    • Jerry

      I am not quite sure which comment you are responding to as “right out of the pit of hell”, but clearly you are an expert in what comes out of there as your attitude is betraying your heart. How disappointing this must be to God.

      I don’t believe anyone is saying you can still live in sin and go to heaven. Anyone who has a relationship with Christ would naturally grieve over their sin, repent and surrender to Christ’s Lordship over it. At the same time, the bible does tell us that there are “no good (people)”, that “all have fallen short…” Therefore, if it were not for the grace of God, through Christ, none that have put their trust in Him would be able to enter Heaven.

      Every gay person I know (my friends prefer the term “gay” versus homosexual so it would appear I may have a broader experience here) that is a believer simply abstains from sexual activity. Are they always “chaste”? I would say they are about as “chaste” as any heterosexual believer.

      They key is that the more they seek Jesus, and the more he is Lord over their life, the more their identity is wrapped up in Him versus in their orientation.

      • James Haga

        boy, how words can come out of one’s mouth and the hearer doesn’t understand them. what i was saying is that people who do not want to hear the truth, always give the excause . “You are just trying argue or you are doing it to build your self up.all these are excuses of the devil to keep people from witnessing.A lot of peopple tell me I am to negative, But 3/4 of the bible is negative Jesus always told people of their sin. you tell somebody they are a sinner and the first words that comes out thier mouth is “you are judgeing me” How are you going to tell people about being lost if you can not judge them to be lost in the first place. or maybe i should use the wrod descearnment. instead of judgement..Beleive me in 45 years i have heard all of the excauses.

        • Breana Steele

          But do we always have to start witnessing by judging first? That seems kind of hypocritical to me. For starters, Jesus had the authority to point out sin because he had the authority of God during his time here, which we don’t have (at least not in this perfect way that Jesus did). Along with that, though, I know that many people, including myself before I really began to know Christ, had a hard time with criticism, especially in the “you’re going to hell for this” fashion. People generally get really defensive when we witness this way (understandably so), and they don’t want to listen to anything else we have to say. That’s not a successful way to show them how awesome God is. I think it’s more important that we focus on Christ’s love and sacrifice and the amazing liberation that he can give us. Why don’t we focus more on that before we jump into why someone’s going to hell? Because the truth is, most people have already figured out that Christians believe in hell. We’re not giving them any new knowledge when we tell them so. More of them are surprised when they sit down and really learn about how loving Jesus was. We are supposed to spread the Good News, after all. So let’s start with the “good” news, with hope and love and joy, rather than with the bad news.

      • Anne Galivan

        Generally speaking, practicing homosexuals live a much more perverse lifestyle than heterosexuals who are sexually active. This is a proven fact that I don’t have to argue here. So I have an issue when you say, ” I would say they are about as “chaste” as any heterosexual believer.” Perhaps I am misunderstanding you, but it is clear that if a homosexual is sexually active they likely have a large number of partners (some have hundreds over a lifetime) and they are more likely to have anonymous sex.

        I agree, however, that if someone is a homosexual (and I refuse to use the politically correct term of homosexual activists, just as I refuse to use the politically correct term that abortion merchants use when describing themselves as “pro-choice”) they can live a pure life by abstaining from all sexual activity. However, they can also be treated for this and receive freedom to pursue proper heterosexual relationships (where they could be married). Many homosexuals have received freedom from this “orientation,” but our society has become so accepting of the false notion that some are “born” homosexuals that there is much persecution against those who would advocate that “orientation” can be changed. It is truly sad because these men and women are deprived of the opportunity of pursuing the godly provision of marriage because of our society’s acceptance of perversion.

  • Don Johnson

    If having a hererosexual orientation is not a sin, then it simply cannot be a sin to have a homosexual orientation. An orientation is not a choice.

    • Jerry

      Agreed. It is the behavior that is a choice. Also, what illiterate believers keep misunderstanding is the difference between sin (“missing the mark” which is a genetic predisposition since Adam), and trespass (willful disobedience, knowing something is truly wrong). “All have sinned…” “There is no good,…no not one.”

      Trespass, is knowing that something is (in fact) wrong and doing it regardless. Dogma and bible-beating notwithstanding it would surprise more than a few ignorant believers to understand that many homosexuals do not believe the activity they are engaging in is wrong. Most consider it as natural as heterosexual relations.

      Therefore, telling somebody their behavior is wrong based on a biblical belief (without first introducing a person to the bible nor, more importantly, the person of Jesus) is simply bigotry and discloses the real hearts desire of some believers that those in the world “go to hell”.

      Catch the fish….let God clean ’em. That is HIS job. Most believers today really would rather the “lost” (of all kinds) just go to hell and be done with it. This is not the heart of God and not the heart of a true believer, it is the heart of an apostate and a modern day pharisee.

      God’s heart is clear on the matter, “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

      I honestly believe that those who yell and scream their way AT people, claiming to be pronouncing God’s Will in (any) the matter will be held accountable for every soul they sent screaming from the ranting “believer” versus TO a loving God who can mold ANY willing soul into His Will.

      • jAMES hAGA

        I do applaud Christ for her fight, but if she is still living in that life style, then i don’t appluad her because God will give one the strength to get out the relationship. I had a couple come to the alter that was un saved they wrere living together without being married , they came after church and got married that day be fore they went home and are still working and serving God today, He will give one wisdom to do the right thing, I have seen Homosexuals get save d and start serving God immediatly. My daughter went to a doctor who was homosexual, he suposely got saved and started to go to school. at Libert university. but still lived in the lifestyle he enjoyed so much , He died a few months later. I applaud any iine wwho is fighting a sin battle. I do every day but THAT IS BETWEEN ME AND GOD.hE IS THE GREATEST FORGIVER THAT EVER LIVED AND DIED FOR MY SINS.

        • Jerry

          I think anyone who wrestles with the flesh is exhibiting the normal behavior of a believer. Whether that is to be “applauded” or not is debatable. Consider if you went to work each day and just did the bare minimal. Should you be “applauded” for what you should be doing as a work? I think not, admirable though your dedication may be.

          There are many gay people “hiding” in the church. I’ve witnessed and personally interacted with many who are currently serving and have been elevated to leadership positions, even becoming “Pastors”, all while marrying, having children and condemning the very lifestyle they freely live behind “closed doors”.

          Oh, and by the way, there are so many couples “shacking up”, getting divorced then remarried, and having affairs in the church all while the church (as a whole) looks the other way. This sin is no less repugnant to God. In fact, God speaks more about adultery than he does about homosexuality in His Word so, perhaps, that is where you need to be focusing your passionate diatribe. At least then it would be consistent with what the bible emphasizes (versus what is popularly emphasized).

          Also, writing in ALL CAPS is a very pedestrian tactic that undermines your position, rather than adds any credibility to it.

          Again, your heart in this matter is betraying you. Perhaps you have an issue you have not thoroughly faced in this matter. Perhaps some counseling might help you to discover some hidden memory of abuse. I pray you will seek and receive the help you are (subconsciously) crying out for.

        • Jack Jackson

          Jack Jackson Right on James…we must all “be zealous and repent” in the area of sexual purity. Christy has shared what her struggle was…not all of us will have to do that but we all should seek to be pure and live within our covenant with our wife or husband.

  • Kevin Dean

    Let’s be perfectly clear here for those who suppose that same sex attraction, alone, is a sin. I want to make sure that those who claim to be Christian know that same sex attraction is not a sin, but sexual relations within a same sex relationship is a sin. And for those of you who are Christian and are having sex out of wedlock, do not be hypocrites and condemn homosexuals who are acting out sexually while you act out with someone of whom you are not married. If Christ were never tempted, the Bible would not say that he overcame temptations of every kind. So if Christ were perfect and overcame temptations, then you can’t condemn someone who is tempted if they are not partaking of that sin.

  • Clara

    This is beautiful, and there are so many who need to hear it. Young men and women who allow others to label them, and who come to label themselves as homosexual, when it’s just not true, have just given up. They think life will be easier, but, guess what. They know in their hearts, it’s even harder now. But, guess what else. They don’t HAVE to stay beaten; they can return to sanity and Truth. No one IS a homosexual; many may HAVE homosexual attractions, but these are just tendencies or leanings to sin, no worse than the very different tendencies or leanings to sin that each one of us has. We are all born with Original Sin, and even after Baptism, we all have each our own leanings and tendencies to sin. That’s why Jesus gave us the Church, with so many aids with which to fight against these tendencies, including the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for when we fall, as we so often do fall. Best of all He gave us Himself, in the Eucharist, to be with us forever and to help us move forward always on the Way to Him, even if we stumble with every step.

  • reginald McQueen

    as a man who loves God and desires to “keep His commandments” I chose to abstain from any appearance of evil which I believe homosexual is one evil. I am a ex-homosexual who like any human being have a choice to choose my sexuality. and believing the bible is God’s word He said” if you love me…”

    • Natasha (Domestica)

      My points exactly! And I truly believe God allows us to experience hardships so that when we come out the other side, fully dependent on Him, we can be a light to others who are still struggling through the darkness of that same fight. 🙂

      • reginald McQueen

        I have been, by the grace of God, open to my brothers in my man’s group about my homosexual struggles and have received nothing but love and accountability. I have taken a course call Living Waters which deals with sexual brokeness and have come to a understanding that we all are broken in one way or another and it is only by the cross that we can find wholeness again.

      • Denny Burk

        Hey, Natasha. Thanks for taking time to comment. I just wanted to remind that commenters must use first and last names (no pseudonyms). Comments policy is linked at the top of the page. Thanks!


  • Jay Keller

    Hi Denny. Kindly post my submission from yesterday. I would appreciate you allowing me to be a part of this conversation. God bless.

  • Melanie Garder

    This is definitely interesting. I think that a lot can be learned from both sides. I personally chose to live an chaste life though. God’s love is the most important thing to me.

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