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Is the Family Research Council a Hate Group?

From James Kushiner at Touchstone: “The Southern Law Poverty Center has a hate map showing hate groups with a list of groups for each state available when you click on any state. For instance, under Washington, DC you will find, listed with the KKK, the Family Research Council. In Illinois, the Illinois Family Institute is listed as a hate group. If you do not approve of homosexual marriage or homosexual activity, you are hateful. Period. To be consistent should they list teetotaler groups as hateful against drinkers?”


  • Paula

    HEY! The pro-family public policy groups in MY state aren’t listed! Either they’re not doing their jobs or the SPLC is discriminating!!! I demand an explanation!

  • David

    Gay marriage was only invented in the 1980s. Already it has become regarded as the most important human right. Now disagreeing with it is regarded as “hate”.

    Something is very wrong in the US…

  • Paul

    I think it’s only fair to actually mention what the SPLC says about the FRC instead of just bashing them for saying it.

    If their quotes of FRC spokespeople are right, then there is cause for concern, indeed. I will say that the points that their talking heads have brought up on Fox and the like are practically a textbook definition of specious.

    It’s one thing to make your case known. It’s entirely another to use fearmongering to get your point across, which Tony and Co. have certainly done in the past.

    Personally, I wouldn’t list them as a hate group (more like a strong dislike group). But I think it’s foolishness to associate with them. But that’s me. Your mileage may vary.

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