Is Social Conservatism Dead?

Jeffrey Bell writes in The Weekly Standard that social conservatism is far from being dead. In fact, he argues, it remains a potent force in American politics. He writes:

“Social conservatism continues to exist as a mass movement that cares very much about its core beliefs. Supporters of this movement may have some unusually tough decisions to make in the 2008 presidential cycle, but anyone analyzing American politics under the premise that social conservatism will soon disappear–or that these days it amounts to little more than an eccentric sideshow–is very likely to be proved wrong. . . Whatever its virtues or flaws, social conservatism isn’t going away. It is not, and never was, the crazy aunt in the attic. It continues to be the essential building block of Republican presidential majorities.”

Bell is right. Social Conservatism is not dead. I wonder, however, how long it will be a viable voice in the Republican Party. If Rudy Giuliani gets the nomination, social conservatives will have no place in the party.

This is a long piece, but a must-read. I commend it to you for your careful consideration.

“Alive and Kicking: Reports of the demise of social conservatism are greatly exaggerated” – by Jeffrey Bell (The Weekly Standard)

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