Is John Piper a Pastor and a Scholar?

piperJohn Piper is not sure whether he should be considered a pastor and a scholar. At least that is what he says in an address he gave last week at Park Community Church in Chicago, Illinois. You can read it here, download it here or listen to it below.


Here’s how Piper describes his task in this message:

“I assume that one of the main reasons I was asked to do this talk is that somebody thinks I am one of these—a pastor-scholar. I’m not sure that I am. And so I thought maybe I should just tell my story as how I got to be the way I am, and you could just decide if I am to not—or in what sense I am and in what sense I’m not—and if it’s a good thing to be this way, or not, and what the implications are for you and for the church.

“So I’m going to look at 7 chapters of my life through the lens of this question: What were the impulses toward scholarship and the pastorate? And along the way you will pick up on what I mean by scholarship and pastoring.”

The rest of this presentation is a great little memoir of a Piper’s life, and I highly recommend it.


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