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Interview with Wayne Grudem

The Alliance Defense Fund has an interview with Wayne Grudem about his new book Politics – According to the Bible (see below). In the interview, Grudem explains the genesis of the book and why he wrote it. Grudem also explains in the book itself why he wrote it. He writes:

“I wrote this book because I was convinced that God intended the Bible to give guidance to every area of life—including how governments should function! I support political positions in this book that would be called more ‘conservative’ than ‘liberal.’ That is because of my conclusions about the Bible’s teaching on the role of government and a biblical worldview. . . It is important to understand that I see these positions as flowing out of the Bible’s teachings rather than positions that I hold prior to, or independently of, those biblical teachings. . . My primary purpose in the book is not to be liberal or conservative, or Democratic or Republican, but to explain a biblical worldview and a biblical perspective on issues of politics, law, and government” (p. 13).

I’ve only just begun this one, but it looks to be a compelling read. Check it out here, and watch the video below.

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