Interview with Michael Brown on “Line of Fire”

Many thanks to Dr. Michael Brown who recently interviewed me about the new book Transforming Homosexuality. You can download the interview here or listen below. The interview begins at 55:00.


You can subscribe to Dr. Brown’s podcast at his website here.

One Response to Interview with Michael Brown on “Line of Fire”

  1. Scott McCauley January 6, 2016 at 10:34 am #

    I picked up, from this interview, an appreciation for your point of view that homosexual orientation is itself sinful (hopefully I’ve stated that fairly). From your blog posts, I failed to pick up on this and hence failed to understand your position. The key, that I got from this interview, is the definition of sexual orientation as “ongoing desire”. That gives credibility to your position on the sinfulness of homosexual orientation. If one thinks of sexual orientation as a “predisposition”, that makes it harder to appreciate your point of view.

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