I Miss Mayberry: Andy Griffith Dies at 86

I love Andy of Mayberry. He was the best of the best, and I was sad to hear today of his passing. Though Andy Griffith became a gospel singer later in life, he is most well-known for his acting. It’s amazing that, even after all these years, his portrayal of the iconic Sheriff of Mayberry still holds up.

The video above is probably my all-time favorite bit from the show. Everything you need to know about how these two characters relate is contained in this one scene, and it’s hilarious.

After reading the news about Griffith’s passing, the Rascall Flatts song “I Miss Mayberry” came almost immediately to mind. If you’ve never heard it before, you can take a listen below.

Andy Griffith was 86 years old (1926-2012). RIP.

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  • James Harold Thomas

    When I was growing up, one our favorite family movies was “No Time for Sergents”. My dad still likes to quote that movie – “I knowed she was a woman right off!”

    Then a couple years ago, I rented his first movie, “A Face in the Crowd”. It is outstanding. If Griffith had continued with movie roles rather than the TV shows (which I do enjoy also), I think he would be considered one of the great actors of his time.

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