I can’t believe they’re 5-0

LSU beat Tennessee today with one of the most embarrassing and inept finishes I’ve ever seen. If you missed it, watch the whole thing above. It’s pretty ridiculous, but somehow they pulled out the win.

Here’s my gut reaction to this game: I can’t believe LSU is 5-0. LSU does great on the defensive side of the ball, but their offense stinks to high heaven. The second to last play that almost lost the game for them was a microcosm of LSU’s overall dysfunction on offense. It is really bad. Gary Crowton has lost his mojo, and Les Miles appears clueless. LSU has to be the only 5-0 team in the country whose fans want to fire the coach. It really does look like the Tigers accidentally won these last five games, and everybody knows that LSU can’t accrue “accidental” wins indefinitely.

LSU is getting really close to the wood-chipper. And they will get embarrassed by Alabama (and probably Florida) if they don’t get their offensive house in order. I know that sounds like a lot of hating on the Tigers, but I don’t mean it that way. I’m just trying to keep it real.

But allow this Tiger fan to make at least one attempt to put a positive spin on this. How good do you have to be to go undefeated even when you play really badly? Really, really good! Geaux, Tigers!

[Les Miles’ Post-game Interview: I hear echoes of George W. Bush in this. Miles is definitely not the most fluent English speaker that I’ve ever heard. I would embed the video below, but he uses some pretty salty language. If you want to see it, go here.]


  • Matt Svoboda

    Oh yeah, and LSU will never be a NC contender again under Les Miles. He is not a good Head Coach. He won the NC with Sabans players and Pelinis defense- he has been mediocre since then.

  • Jason


    I agree with you on the fact that Les is not “more”. But, Nick Saban won his championship with Gerry DiNardo seniors. And the players that Miles has are more talented (this is the most talented group of players LSU has EVER had) than Saban had with his NC team. All it proves is that it’s coaching. It has nothing to do with “Saban’s Players.” Saban laid a goose-egg with most of those same players the year after his championship – or should I say after DiNardo’s players left…he laid a goose-egg.

  • Matt Svoboda


    Fact is with Miles’ recruited players they have been mediocre- with Sabans and with Pelinis defense he won a NC. But I agree with you- it is 90% coaching, proving my point- Miles is not a good head coach.

    Bo Pelini will win another NC before Les Miles does.

  • Tim Webb

    Heck, after they barely (!) beat an undermanned UNC, escaping with a win, I thought Miles was doomed. Can he be fired at 5-0?

  • Matt Svoboda

    No- but he will lose 4 this season. LSU wont fire him after that, but they should. Fire Miles and hire Kirby Smart before Georgia does. They wont, but they should. Georgia should go ahead and fire Richt now and go for Kirby now- dont wait or they might miss out.

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