I am genuinely impressed with President Obama

President Obama visited the Apollo Theater last night in New York City. Al Green was in the audience, and the president decided to sing a couple of bars of “Let’s Stay Together.” I have to say, even though it was only a couple of lines, it was really impressive. It sounds like the President can really sing. I wish he would have done some more. Take a listen above.


  • Steve Hayes

    YGG – Really? He can’t even compliment the presidents’ singing without getting knocked? That’s kind of shallow, don’t you think?

    Having said that, I wonder I’d the words to the song came up on those telepeompters?;-)

    • yankeegospelgirl

      I wasn’t “knocking” him, just thought it was kind of amusing that he and others are making a point of saying they’re “genuinely impressed” with someone who sings a couple bars of a song decently well…. just because he’s the President. There are plenty of people we’ll never hear of who could probably out-sing him, but they’re not on TV in front of millions of viewers.

  • JStanton

    Well, I think we all know that the Pres is a polarizing figure. Some people like him, some people dislike him, and some people really hate him. He’s one of those people who will probably come across better to people once out of office.

    The singing is notable in that it sounds decent and humanizes someone the media likes to present as aloof and robotic.

    Now we can go back into opposition.

  • Christiane

    People are taking a really good look at Obama and what he has accomplished..
    Not just ‘dems’ and ‘liberals’ and ‘moderates’ and ‘independents’.


  • donsands

    Al Green was great in his day. I wonder what kind of pastor he is?. I pray for Barak, and I do still have a hard time even listening to him. But I pray.

    Al Green would do good to preach the Word to Barak about Killing the babies in the womb in this nation. I pray Al will reach down to his president, who seems to like Al.

  • Steve Hayes

    So, YGG, did you think that Denny realized that a lot of people have vocal musical talent when he posted this, or do u think you are informing him of this fact? Of course other people can sing, but this post isn’t about other people. It’s about the president.

    So you’re going to tell me that you would’ve posted the same response if this post was about how Tim Tebow could sing? Right.

    Why not watch this clip and think, “Hmmmm, I didn’t know Obama could sing. That’s genuinely impressive.”? it just kind of makes you look like you hate Obama so much that you can’t even give him a simple compliment.

    And, just for the record, I can’t stand Obama’s views and policies. But I am genuinely impressed by his singing.

      • yankeegospelgirl

        Let me put it this way: There’s a tendency among a certain brand of conservative to look for _something_, _anything_ nice to say about Obama, because they feel a little bit guilty about disliking him so much. So they say, “Well…. hey, he can sing!” or “Hey, look, it says he likes to spend time with his family!” when taken by themselves, there’s nothing at all remarkable about either of these things, and when you have a man who’s so dangerous and inept in every other respect, it just smacks of pathetic straw-clutching. However, I am not piling it on Denny personally, because I recognize he’s just part of a much larger pattern.

        • JStanton

          Well, I have a few nice things to say about Obama. No one can deny that he seems to be a decent family man. He sets a good example for African-Americans in that he’s a committed husband and parent. I hope that’s not a bad thing to say. It’s a tremendous cause for endemic poverty and despair in that community.

          As far as his Presidency goes, foreign policy seems to be the area where he has done best. For all of Romney/Gingrich/Santorum’s talk there’s not too much any Republican would do differently once in office. Maybe they would use the stick a little bit more than the carrot with regards to Iran but that is about it. I don’t think we can afford another war in the Middle East. The war in Afghanistan isn’t going to get any better with a Republican in office either.

          I can’t think of much good to say on the economic front. We all know how social values are trending in this country.

          My point is that every President is a mixed bag. Reagan was the first and only President to have had a divorce. Clinton had his issues and obviously George W. Bush’s failures led to Obama being elected in the first place.

          Our next President could very well be a three-times married serial philanderer.

          • yankeegospelgirl

            I think it’s pretty ludicrous to see you putting Reagan and Clinton in the same general “bag,” just because they each had “something” negative. If you knew the Reagan story, you’d know he wasn’t the one who walked out. Clinton was an ENTIRELY different story.

        • Steve Hayes

          Well, I personally believe that most balanced people can find at least one good thing to say about just about anyone. I don’t think that means that they are desperately looking for “something, anything – nice to say” about people. I just think that makes them healthy.

          I can find a lot of good things to say about president Obama. He’s a wonderful public speaker. He seems to genuinely love his wife and kids. I believe he is a smart person (although many of the things he represents seem dumb to me).

          Again, I don’t like what he’s done as president and I disagree with him on almost every position. Finding something good about him doesn’t mean I have a guilty conscience, and I’m certain that Denny isn’t struggling with “Obama guilt”. Finding something good about him means that I have the balanced ability to objectively observe people and come to accurate conclusions. What’s so bad about that?

  • JStanton

    I’m not sure that it matters to me that he wasn’t the one who “walked out”. I’m an old fashioned Christian who finds it sad that divorce and adultery are no longer seen as all that big of a deal. Case in point.. South Carolina opting for Gingrich over Santorum. I’m not a Republican. I’m a conservative who doesn’t play for Team Red.

    I do know that Reagan was just as worthy of impeachment as Clinton. For different reasons, of course.

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