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Hugh Hewitt in high dudgeon

I don’ usually do this, but I have to pass on to you today’s episode of the Hugh Hewitt Show. He is my favorite political analyst/talking head, and he was hilarious today. He spoke like a man who has just experienced a tent-revival-style conversion. There was repentance (“I was wrong”), zeal, and a resolve to make converts to his cause.

Until today, he has been copiously above the fray vis-à-vis the Trump candidacy. He has said that he’s “Switzerland”—committed to neutrality in the Republican primary and open to voting for GOP nominee even if it’s Trump. He has never been #NeverTrump, and has been arguing against #NeverTrump as wrong-headed.

No mas. All of that changed today as a result of Trump’s racist remarks about a judge. Hewitt has seen the light, and he is trying to warn the GOP that unless they dump Trump, they will not only lose the Presidency but also the House and the Senate. And they will put the party in the political wilderness for a decade or more.

For this reason, he is calling for Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Reince Priebus to put their heads together in order to deny Trump the nomination at the Convention. It is an open call for mutiny (which by the way is now a hashtag, #Mutiny).

In short, Hewitt was in high dudgeon today. I’ve never heard him like this. You can listen for yourself below. Hilarious.

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

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  • Andrew Alladin

    I’ve often wondered why the Republican leadership seem so cowardly when it comes to defending religious liberty (or as the media would put it: “religious liberty.”) Now I see why. They are looking at the worst possible outcome imaginable for their careers, the Republican Party, and conservatism (as a body of ideas.) 16 years of Obama/Clinton will permanently change America and no amount of liberal media bias would be able to hide the disaster that will fall upon the American people – unemployment, poverty, illegal immigration, and crime statistics could only be massaged for so long. The reality will be felt. Socialism does not work either in Sweden or Venezuela.

    Yet Ryan, McConnell, and Priebus are too cowardly, stupid, and incompetent to do anything about The Donald. Why aren’t Republican governors announcing that they will not lift a finger to help Trump win their state? Where are the precious Republican moderates – always ashamed of the social conservatives in their party but now silent when an actual racist threatens the entire party?

    Now I know why the Republican party has stood silent as bakers, florists, photographers, and Catholic charities are punished heavily for not willing to violate their conscience.

    The only people that that persuade Ryan, McConnell, and Priebus to reject Trump are the billionaires in the Donor Class. Only Corporate America will save the Republican Party from Trump. Save us, Wall Street.

  • Rob Wells

    When Trump first threw his hat in the ring I thought it was great! I loved all the stuff he was saying and also that he was bringing up stuff that, though it needed to be brought up, would be political suicide. That was ok since I didn’t see him as a real candidate and I liked that he was bringing this stuff up in front of God and everybody so that the other candidates could now freely address it.

    But then he got popular, and that made me nervous. I noticed, in July of 2015 that, though of course he would never be the nominee, nor the president, that if he was elected, he just could end up being the “strong man” of “The Road to Serfdom”. I’ve never seen him as a conservative and was shocked that so many of my conservative friends supported him. I was even temp-banned a few months ago (for a week) from my favorite conservative site (Freerepublic.com) of which I’ve been a member since 1998, for making a lucid case against his presidency. It was answered by the same standard MO used by liberals on the internet: Projection and ad-hominem.

    I ask my conservative friends how they will feel when he disagrees with them on an issue important to them. And there are a LOT of them. Do they want to find themselves fighting against a President Trump? He’s far more capable than Obama, which is good until you are his enemy.

    When he cinched the nomination, I planned on writing in someone, but I admit that the problem we are having is not the candidates running, but the electorate itself. I’ve said since the 1992 election, “In a democracy, you not only get the government you want. You get the government you deserve.” If the electorate wants him, who am I to stop them.

    As a Christian I am quite aware that the most political Jesus got was when he said that citizens should not have to pay taxes (in Matthew 17) and that we should render unto Caesar what it Caesar’s. That was it. I admit that I bristle at having an American flag in a church, for church is not about nationalism. It is about our relationship with God and our fellow man, within the context of worshiping our Creator. But that is another subject.

    I no longer really care who becomes president. I’ve been voting since 1972. This is the first election ever where I feel like we’re electing a new captain of the Titanic. i.e. it matters little who we choose. C Deck is submerged…

  • Rob Wells

    A big difference between me and Hewitt: Hewitt’s concern is that Trump will not win. My concern is that Trump WILL win. I’m no Hillary supporter and think she belongs in prison. My comments have nothing to do with her. It’s just that I think we have a Faustian choice in this election like never before. We are like Jews trying to choose between Stalin and Hitler.

  • Rob Wells

    This cloud has a silver lining. Like never before, I put my faith in God, not man. There is no man alive that can pull us out of where we, and I’m talikng about the whole world, has chosen to go. It’s gonna leave a mark. But I’ve read the end of the book.

    I’ve said, since I became a Christian in 1981, regarding the world and geopolitics as discussed in the Bible: It will get worse before it gets better. And it has. But it is increasing as I type this at breakneck speed.

    Regarding the election, I wrote a piece in 2014 a couple of weeks after the general public first learned of ISIS. In a nutshell, I said (and believe more than ever) that those that would do harm to the US know that they have until January of 2017 to do as much harm to us as possible. I said it will be quiet until the end of 2016. We were (are) in the calm before the storm as they make their plans against us. And the longer they wait, the weaker we are and the stronger they are, as long as they act (whoever “they” are) before next year.

    The speed of cultural change even since then is staggering. I think we are in for some VERY interesting six months. And to be clear, every year has been more “interesting” than the last. It is increasing exponentially.

  • Ian Shaw

    I’ve listened to all 3 segments and I really can’t disagree with Hugh’s points. And that’s sobering.

  • Cindy Young

    Mr.Burk I am with you, but we lost a vote over the weekend. My husband passed away Saturday night. Could you pray for our family? I’m concerned about the children because they found him. There are no trump votes in my house. Keeping the faith

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