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How will gay marriage impact your marriage?

If you’ve ever been in a debate with someone about gay marriage, one of the conversation stoppers that proponents often throw out is this: “How does gay marriage hurt traditional marriage?” Or more personally, “How does my gay marriage corrupt your straight marriage?” The thinking goes like this. What two people do in the privacy of their own home ought not concern you, even if they choose to reinvent society’s most basic institution. After all, who are you to judge someone else’s pairing? If some people want to call gay unions a “marriage,” what’s that to you?

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  • Gus Nelson

    The fact is, gay marriage doesn’t affect my marriage (30 years this month) any more than so-called serial monogamy has affected my marriage. Yes, I agree gay marriage (and the other forms of marriage that will inevitably follow) will have societal affects, just like no-fault divorce has, but the fundamental problem is those who want gay marriage but want it to be negotiable generally aren’t even working from the same framework as those of us who feel differently. Consequently, arguments like these simply won’t work, if they are intended to convince folks who want gay and other marriage arrangements to re-think their position. The dam has been broken here. We need to stop thinking we’re going to fix the dam and start working on a plan to deal with the consequences.

    • pauldreed2

      Gus makes a good point. Denny, your post is frankly insulting to your wife. You (or she) is going to cheat if cheating becomes more socially acceptable?

      Also, can you point to any study that says gays are more likely to cheat on their partners, or is that just something you declare by fiat?

      • Gus Nelson

        Paul: My point is that while Denny’s arguments might solidify what Christians believe, they’re not going to persuade non-Christians who want alternative marriage arrangements. I happen to agree with his arguments but I just don’t think they’re effective with secular thinkers. That’s why I think Christians need to move on and find other ways to deal with the new marriage paradigm because it’s here to stay.

  • Mary Gray Moser

    Please stop showing pictures of same-sex couples, of wedding cakes with same-sex dolls holding hands.
    Think about it. The more we see of a thing, the more likely we are to finally approve it.

  • Curt Day

    With the potential threat that a Russian-Ameircan showdown in the Ukraine poses to all, the slaughter that is occurring in Gaza, the growing wealth disparity, and the destruction that our lifestyles inflict on the environment, that some insist to continue to focus on same-sex marriage shows the bubble in which they live and the unwillingness to face reality.

  • bobbistowellbrown

    The Church must be the Church and lovingly do Bible study with people who say they are “Christians” and still approve and vote for SSM. We also must pray and gently tell non believers the Gospel. If we are not the Church the blood of those who disobey the laws of God will be on our hands.

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