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How To Fight the Culture War

Kevin DeYoung has a fantastic post on how Christians ought to conduct themselves in the culture war. He writes:

Call it what you want-a culture war, a battle of ideas, an ideological struggle-there is no question we have deep division in America. The most obvious division right now concerns homosexuality. When Dan Cathy’s off-handed, rather ordinary comment in of support traditional marriage sends big city mayors out on their moral high horses wielding the coercive club of political power-and when the subsequent response from middle America is a record-breaking avalanche of support for Chic-fil-A–you know there is more than a skirmish afoot. I know every generation thinks they are facing unprecedented problems, but it really does feel like free speech, religious freedom, and the institution of marriage are up for grabs in our day.
Given this reality, how should Christians respond?

He gives three bits of advice, each of which begin with the letter “R”:

1. No Retreat
2. No Reversal
3. No Reviling

Read the rest here.

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