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Hollywood vs. the Heartland

Robert Duvall recently sat for an interview with Christianity Today. I found this exchange to be pretty interesting:

CT: Why do you think Hollywood has a tendency to mock Christians and preachers?

Duvall: Well, it’s not just Christians. I mean, I’m a Christian. But they mock the interior of the United States of America, the heartland. They don’t go out of their way to understand what’s really there.

I think his analysis is remarkable. It’s the “heartland” that Hollywood likes to lampoon, not just heartland religion. He sees the real divide to be a cultural one, not a merely a religious one.

This observation is correct so far as it goes. I think he’s right to see a cultural elitism in Hollywood depictions of people in the “fly over” states. Nevertheless, Hollywood often displays an ire against evangelical Christianity in particular that goes far beyond any mere cultural divide. There’s more to this antipathy than Duvall allows (John 15:18-27).

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