Herod’s Tomb Discovered

This post is for the bibliophiles and theologues who read this blog. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz
announces that archeologists have discovered Herod the Great’s tomb.

Herod the Great was the Jewish king when Jesus was born. His reign was more or less a police state in which many lived in fear. Matthew’s Gospel says that he ordered the execution of all the male babies in Bethlehem when he heard that “the King of the Jews” had been born there (Matthew 2:1-18). Herod became famous for his building projects, and his work on the temple in Jerusalem made it almost into a new temple.

This is a significant find not only for the disciplines of archeology and history, but also for the disciplines of biblical studies.

“Researcher: We have found Herod’s Tomb” – by Amiram Barkat (Haaretz)

One Comment

  • mike

    Is there any indication that this is a genuine possibility? After the Jesus tomb special one might be a bit weary of such claims. To often on the coat-tails of famous claims and frauds there follows more of such calamity genuinely based on the bias of starry eye’d mindsets.

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