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Trailer for new Moses movie starring Christian Bale

Ridley Scott has directed a new adaptation of the Moses story from the biblical book of Exodus. It stars Christian Bale and will hit theaters in December. The film is titled Exodus: Gods and Kings. The newly released trailer is above.


  • Ian Shaw

    With exception to the wave of plagues and respective names of the 2 lead characters, there appears to be a massive lack of biblical narrative missing from the entire trailer.

    Should we expect this to follow more or less of the narrative compared to Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’?

      • Ian Shaw

        Do we have to go back to 1998 and watch Dreamworks ‘Prince of Egypt’ to get the best biblical narrative for this story in Genesis? (not dogging the Ten Commandments, but even with Heston, it’s a bit campy) Though it was the highest grossing non-Disney animated movie for a long time.

        The voice cast of that was off the charts in all honesty- Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michele Pfieffer, Patrick Stewart, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glvoer, Helen Mirren, Steve Martin and Martin Short.

  • Daryl Little

    What’s the over/under on who will be the first “leader” to call this the next-greatest evangelistic opportunity since Noah built the ark…?

  • Daryl Little

    Surely the Christian community is past being disappointed that a movie with a biblical name really isn’t biblical at all…I mean really.

    But I do agree with Ian. I loved Prince of Egypt.

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