Hebrew and Greek Bibles for Kindle and Nook

I just learned this week about a two excellent versions of the Hebrew and Greek Old Testaments for Kindle (and Nook) e-readers. The Hebrew Text is based on the Leningrad Codex. The source for the LXX text is not listed. If anyone figures it out, let me know. In any case, these two versions plus the SBL Greek New Testament that was released last year allow us to have the entire text of scripture on our e-readers in the original languages. Thanks to Miguel Echevarria for bringing to my attention these versions of the Hebrew and Greek Old Testaments. Here are the links followed by some sample pages:

Hebrew Bible (TANAKH) for Kindle and Nook – $9.99

Septuagint (LXX) – $3.99

SBL Greek New Testament – $.99


  • Ben Montoya

    Hey Denny,

    Thanks for posting this blog; I’ve been looking for a Hebrew resource. I, however, was directed to the wrong place after clicking on the hyperlink. Perhaps the incorrect link was uploaded?

  • Adam C

    Is it possible to buy the Hebrew Bible from the Amazon website? The other links take you to the Amazon site (which I like). But the Hebrew Bible one wants you to purchase it through another site. I tried looking, and Amazon doesn’t have it available. Thoughts?

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