From time to time, I run across headlines that communicate things that the authors did not intend. Here are a couple of recent ones that I thought you might enjoy.

“Pope’s address disappoints Muslim leaders.”
Didn’t they already know that the Pope gets his mail at the Vatican? I thought everybody knew that!

“SBC missions giving up; baptisms down.”
The news is really bad out of Nashville. Not only are baptisms down in the SBC, but apparently we’re also giving up on missions!
[I guess BP figured out the problem with this one because it’s been corrected.]

2 Responses to Headlines

  1. Brian Krieger May 11, 2009 at 3:14 pm #


    I read this one last week or so from NYTimes:

    Flu Prompts Shutdowns in Mexico, Texas

    Is that near Dallas?

    My hometown paper has so many of these it’s comical. They, however, haven’t, ahem, gotten into the electronic generation of journalism just yet (however, they’re also not going bankrupt…..that I know of).

  2. Matthew Staton May 17, 2009 at 6:34 pm #

    The CNN headline on this today says “Tiny stolen pet donkey devastates family” It seems the tiny donkey has devastated an entire family. Maybe it was upset about being stolen! (I think better would be “Theft of their tiny donkey devastates family”)


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