Giuliani Out: There’s Still One Pro-life Party

Everyone who cares about protecting the unborn can breathe a sigh of relief now that Guiliani has decided to drop out of the race for President (see here). Giuliani was not able to inspire social conservatives to support his candidacy, and that is the primary reason he was not competitive once the actual votes were cast. His nomination would have effectively given Americans two pro-choice parties, and the pro-life movement would have been banished to the political margins. Thankfully, we have avoided that calamity in this cycle.

See also:

February 15, 2007: “Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice and pro-homosexual ‘marriage.’ As soon as this fact sinks in with Republican primary voters, Giuliani will be over. Don’t hold your breath for Giuliani. He’s going nowhere, despite the hype from Peggy Noonan.”

August 21, 2007: “A pro-choice candidate cannot win the Republican primaries. The aversion to abortion among the Republican base is substantial, and Giuliani will not be able to overcome it. . . Social conservatives will not support Rudy Giuliani. In my view, Giuliani’s candidacy is DOA.”


  • naum

    Yeah, vote Republican… …vote for more death and destruction… …and to continue an illegal, immoral invasion that’s going to cost over $3 trillion…

    Culture of life indeed…

  • Paul

    okay, Lucas, I’ll say pretty much the same thing then, dude.

    “Yeah, vote Republican… …vote for more death and destruction… …and to continue an illegal, immoral invasion that’s going to cost over $3 trillion…(and I’ll add)…

    at least 100K Iraqi lives, almost 4000 American soldiers, and what, over 10K wounded soldiers, besides?

    Culture of life indeed…”

    Not to mention, being pro-life doesn’t amount to much until it extends to beyond the gestational period, which most republicans won’t even begin to think about.

    I was gonna leave this one alone…

  • naum


    You dispute the current crop of candidates (as well as POTUS) are not for more war? McCain has publicly stated his support for more wars and a 100 year occupation (of which over 90%+ Sunni & Shia Iraqis want U.S. occupation to end now, according to poll conducted fall, 2007)… …Romney wants 3X more Guantonomo prison and believes POTUS should be able to do anything desired in spite of what it says in the Constitution (according to a Q&A conducted by Boston newspaper)…

    So “death + destruction” fits indeed…

    AFA abortion goes, I am pro-life, but ending abortion (and embracing “culture of life”) is about a lot more than Row v. Wade, or any laws… …abortion in W. Europe is open and legal, yet occurs at rate 2-3X less than U.S. Latin America has many countries where abortion is totally illegal, yet has abortion rates 3-5X that of U.S..

  • Carlito

    Hey naum,

    So how about we just ignore the rest of the world’s problems and not use military force to intervene when it’s needed. Let’s just let all the insane dictators and terrorists have their way. Let’s stick to minding our own business when guys like Hitler, Mussolini, Bin Laden, Hussein, etc. are reigning terror like it’s their day job.

    And while we’re at it, let’s put an abortion clinic on every corner and implement a high school curriculum that encourages abortion on-demand as the primary method of birth control. Why use a condom if you can just get a subsidized abortion.

    Ain’t America grand? Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  • Brett

    I don’t know why in the world I keep looking at this blog b/c it arouses my anger every time I see something new posted. You guys on here aren’t very “Christian”…you think being involved in politics makes a difference for eternity, you believe in just-war, you slander every other Christian who’s not a right-wing ultra-conservative southern Baptist or Calvinist. There’s absolutely nothing appealing about these aspects, but just keep convincing yourselves that you’re standing up for the Gospel.

  • Paul



    Let’s not play the “America, the world’s champion” card.

    Let’s remember that for all of our help in WWII, Mussolini was already lynched in the streets by the time we got to Europe, and Hitler had already killed most of his millions. Husein might have killed a couple of hundred thousand of his own people over twenty years, but those numbers are going to be matched within the next ten years due to our interference in Iraq. If McCain’s quote that we might need to be in Iraq for 100 years is correct, there won’t be any Iraqis left at the rate they’re going.

    Let’s also remember that all of our intervening in the world’s affairs also directly contributed to the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia.

    And let’s also remember the damage that our intervening did in South America.

    AND, let’s also remember that when our intervention could have really done some good, in Cuba and more recently, in Rwanda, we did nothing.

    If nothing else, our timing is horrific.

    Naum was right, that in western Europe, abortion rates are a fraction of ours. In atheist Sweden, not only are they almost nil, but you’d better be dying if you want a second or third trimester abortion.

    But, do we want to learn from Europe, where they’re obviously doing something right? Nope. Instead, here in Uh-Mur-Kuh, we’re scared of teaching our kids anything other than brown people are either going to kill us via suicide bombing (darned muslims) or by invasion (darned mexicans). That, and we’d rather pull our kids from the school system then have them learn about evolution and sex ed.

    You know, you far righties that aren’t even right wingers in the first place should learn to dialog with us on the left as opposed to telling us how we want to see the world over run by dictators. You’re wrong and we have more ammunition.


  • naum


    What was the casus belli for the war? Hundreds (thousands if lower level officials are tallied) of deliberately false statements about WMD and mushroom clouds… …and concerning dictators and such: which country provided 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers? The same country that GWB administration just sent advanced weaponry to… …the same country that is a monarchy, that cozies up to radical Wahabism…

    Funny how all the countries with dictators, despots and corrupt monarchs are “friends”, well those with democratically elected governments are disparaged… …Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, etc.… …meanwhile, elected governments in Iran, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc.… are “friends”?

    Perhaps if there was consistency here you would have a point, but you must acknowledge that today and historically, U.S. interests and “freedom and democracy” have not been mutually compatible when it comes to foreign relations (and at times, domestic matters, too…)

    Maybe there was an argument to be made that Hussien should be removed… …but taking it out on the innocent (which is what happens when you bomb a country, no matter how “surgical” it’s portended to be) is not doing them any favors. We’ve just replaced one evil dictator with dozens of warlord chiefs, and nobody knows who has the power, and all the moderate voices are gone, dead or migrated to other nations…

    Again, taking the Kurds out of the polling (which is another issue with Turkey battling), you have 90%+ of Iraqis that want the U.S. occupation to end ASAP.

    And nobody (except those mentally incapacitated) advocates “abortion clinics on every corner” – it’s a recognition that the removing the ill has a lot more to do than just passing (or overturning a high court decision) a law.

  • naum

    slight correction:

    U.S. supported dictator/monarchy: Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Columbia, etc.…

    U.S. disparaged elected governments; Venezuela, Iran…

    And the history is there if you want to crack open some books:

    * Overthrow of democratically elected government in Iran in 1953
    * Guatemala overthown democratically elected government
    * Chile in the 1970s

    Those acts, while not resonating with Americans, are known throughout the world, and attitudes weren’t always that way as America has set such lofty expectations, setting the bar higher, which is tragic when it fails to live up to them…

  • Paul

    If we’re gonna talk south america, we also need to throw in the school of the americas AND our support of the contras in Nicaragua, who weren’t exactly peaceful folk either.

    for a country that treasures life, we sure do plunder our treasures far too easily.

  • Kris

    McCain is the only person that is reasonable and understands how we work our way back to pre-Roe vs Wade where the local citizens can influence a pro-life culture.

    He understands the issue of the “alien & stranger” in our land (Deut. 10:18,19) and need to secure our borders first.

    Sometimes I am ashamed of so called right wing evangelical’s hypocrisy of being pro-life(which is good, I am) and yet fail to recognize those who are alive now (alien & stranger) and their needs.

    I believe in evangelism & I am pro-life. We in the church have the responsibilty to reach out to the aliens & strangers in our land, many are brothers & sisters in the Lord. We serve God first and He says care for them in “our” land, not just in other countries.

    Lets secure the borders and let the alien and stranger already here have GRACE to get legally documented without fear.

    Check the link out & see where he is against our beliefs. I don’t just don’t see it. He has my vote.




  • Paula

    I am so glad Guliani is out of the race. The Republican party must be a Pro-Life Party. The Republican party is not perfect in every issue of pro-life but I am glad that I have the choice to vote for someone who is pro-life than for someone who is pro-abortion.

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