• Jan

    Way too funny, yet way too true!

    Quite a long way from the days when worship began with a piano/organ prelude, welcome & announcements, an offertory choir special arranged by John Peterson, followed by a 3-point sermon (complete with one joke and a poem,) then ending with 3 verses of “Just As I Am.”(usually the 1st, 2nd, and last verse)

    Thankful some churches can find a balance somewhere between “Growtivation” and “The Old Time Gospel Hour.”

    Great video, Denny. Thanks for posting.

  • El Bryan Libre

    That is pretty funny. At the same time I’ve been to the type of church that this video is making fun of and honestly I really enjoyed it. I liked the modern worship with a band that sounded great, the effective use of multimedia, and the dynamic speaker who delivered a good sermon that spoke to me in a number of ways. They seemed down to earth and normal. I’ve been a number of times and really like going. I could see how a church like that would have it’s place and purpose among the various other types of churches in the Church.

  • Dan

    Great video.

    That’s a little bit of a strange tattoo that the hip young guy has. He said it revealed that he has “a past”… was he drunk when he brought his Hebrew Bible to the tattoo parlor? Did he point to the wrong word?

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