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Gay and Straight in the Image of God

Rev. Luis Leon delivered the inaugural benediction this afternoon. Leon was selected to deliver the prayer after Louie Giglio was forced out of the program by the White House. The White House dropped Giglio from the program after Giglio’s Christian views on homosexuality surfaced on the internet in an old sermon. Leon serves at a church that rejects the Bible’s prohibition on homosexuality, and that is likely why he was selected to replace Giglio.

In light of the controversy that led to Leon’s participation in the ceremony, I was wondering if this false teacher would use the prayer to say something about homosexuality. He did. He mentioned that both gay and straight people are created in the image of God. Just a quick observation about that remark.

All Christians everywhere agree that both gay and straight people are created in the image of God. But that does not mean what Rev. Leon thinks it means. Yes, both gay and straight are made in God’s image (Gen. 1:27). No, that does not mean that they are sinless (Rom. 3:23), nor does it vindicate sexual perversions. All of God’s image-bearers are sinners (Rom. 3:23), and that includes those who engage in the sin of homosexuality (Rom. 1:26-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-11; 1 Tim. 1:10).

The fact that they are created in God’s image does not erase the offense of sin. On the contrary, it makes it worse.


  • David Thomas

    Precisely, Denny. The fact that all are created in God’s image according to Genesis 1:27-28 is /why/ homosexuality is such a grave sin. God makes clear in that passage that His image in humanity is mysteriously dynamic and composite, reflected in the union of man and woman, even as each individual is uniquely created in that image.

    The distortion of that dynamic image that our society is so actively promoting is not only a harbinger of disaster, it /is/ the disaster that comes upon idolaters according to Romans 1.

    I personally do not shrug off the rejection of Louie Giglio, as you mentioned in another post. But I see it perhaps differently. I believe we are past the point of objecting to these things based in any way upon our view of American civics as they should be. What happened with Louie was that God offered Brack Obama a chance, and when He saw that there was no repentance, God turned Obama and the nation over to their own devices and removed Giglio because America in her sin was not worthy of him and the word he would have spoken. God also protected Louie from allying himself with and blessing a corrupt regime, even in form. This in no way contradicts the political facts that Obama had him removed and the absurdity and offensiveness of his action; rather, it is my belief of what happened in the cosmic spiritual realm that precipitated that response. No man comes unto the Father unless Jesus draws him.

    So instead of a man of God, we got an apostate false prophet, paid to parrot the party line like so many prophets yapping before Ahab’s throne. But it is a lying spirit sent from God Himself (i.e., allowed by Him for His purposes) to bring about His wrathful purposes.

  • chris jeffus

    At the same point the only references to which god it was is In His image and qouting Micha. He did not even make any reference to the New Testament. .It was pretty generic.

  • Paul Kullman

    The minister said a lot in that prayer. I find it interesting that it hit a lot of the bullet points that a liberal political [i.e., Obama] would say if he were praying. Leon is asking that the Lord bless, repeatedly, the very people that are taking this country away from God on so many levels. Translation = “Yes, Lord, we know we are doing what we want to do, but bless us anyway.” I see a little of Lot in this benediction.

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