The Original McFly

“Back to the Future” is an iconic 80’s film. It launched Michael J. Fox’s movie career, which only went downhill after this first movie. “Back to the Future” was the most successful movie he ever made.

It is widely known that Fox wasn’t the original star cast in the lead role as Marty McFly (story here). Director Robert Zemeckis first cast Eric Stoltz in this role. After five weeks of filming, Zemeckis and producer Steven Spielberg agreed that Stoltz wasn’t working out. So they pulled Stoltz and recast with Michael J. Fox. Voila! A classic was born.

This story has been well-known for years, but just recently footage has been released with Stoltz playing Marty McFly. The video above is a snippet from the “extras” to be included in the 25th anniversary edition of the movie coming out on BlueRay. It’s ironic that Stoltz and Fox bear such a striking resemblance to one another.

Spielberg and Zemeckis made the right move. I can’t imagine anyone else but Michael J. Fox in this role.


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