Frank Beckwith on Pres. Obama and The Golden Rule

Frank Beckwith has a short piece on President Obama’s facile application of the Golden Rule to same-sex marriage. Here’s the bottom line:

The Golden Rule is not about merely protecting your neighbor’s preferences, but rather, advancing your neighbor’s good…

Although the president is mistaken about the Golden Rule, it would be interesting to see to what extent he is willing to apply his version of it more generously, to really “treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

Will he extend it to the unborn or even the survivors of abortion?

Or church-affiliated and private businesses that cannot in good conscience provide contraception and abortifacient coverage under his HHS mandate?

Or private citizens, businesses, and charitable organizations whose moral theology forbids them from blessing or supporting same-sex unions?

Or the Christian youngsters who were publicly bullied by White House supported activist, Dan Savage?

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