Fact-checkers claim Planned Parenthood video doesn’t exist

Carly Fiorina’s big moment at the last Republican debate occurred when she described one of the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby parts. Since the debate, critics have claimed that the video she describes doesn’t exist. Fiorina’s campaign responded with the ad above showing that the video does in fact exist (WARNING: The video is graphic).

Still, the critics have been piling-on as if Fiorina’s claims are completely fabricated. Just yesterday I saw Chuck Todd rake her over the coals about it on “Meet the Press.” Fiorina stood by her guns. So who’s telling the truth here? Fiorina or the fact-checkers?

The best article I’ve seen on this so far is the one published today by Ross Douthat. He shows that the video obviously does exist, even if Fiorina conflated and jumbled some details in her description of it. Douthat also shows that the fact-checkers have yet to undermine her underlying claim–that Planned Parenthood sometimes delivers live babies in an effort to harvest organs to sell to third-party buyers.

Bottom line: The fact-checking boils down to parsing Fiorina’s words while ignoring the bone-chilling inhumanity of Planned Parenthood. And so the fact-checking turns out to be just one more piece of the propaganda propping-up the tax-payer funded butchery of our nation’s leading abortion provider.

If Americans are so indifferent that they can’t see through this cynical distraction from the main issue, God help us. Fiorina is right. This is about the character of our nation.


  • James Harold Thomas

    Yeah that’s like saying that since Spielberg got some facts wrong in Schindler’s List, then the Holocaust wasn’t really all that bad.

  • Brian Holland

    Unfortunately the “fact checkers” are really just a tool of the mainstream media designed to bolster their almost non-existent credibility. The real problem is that far too few Americans care enough about the real problems in this country. Much of that is our fault as citizens. Having a media that is corrupt and totally dishonest due to a left wing agenda makes the job of waking people up much more difficult.

  • Christiane Smith

    That video . . . I remember a video of a woman talking about an infant born living whose face she was supposed to cut open and ‘harvest’ the infant’s brain . . . horrific imagery for sure, which although I didn’t ‘see’ the procedure as the woman describes it, I found so searing that I cannot forget her testimony

    could it be that Mrs. Fiorina’s memory works in the same way . . . an ‘image’ of something so unspeakable that it seared into her mind ??? an ‘auditory’ memory, rather than a ‘visual’ memory? Is she recalling the testimony of that woman who performed the harvesting?

  • Gus Nelson

    I agree with Ms. Fiorina’s position and admire her willingness to talk about character. That said, if she was incorrect about something, she needs to say so. That would be the way a person of strong character handles things. Ross Douthat’s article is well written and thoughtful. However, I think those of us who are right there with them regarding the monstrosity that is Planned Parenthood need to be careful that we don’t start justifying incorrect information under the banner of “since it’s really mostly true, it’s okay because Planned Parenthood is so awful.” That kind of ends justifies the means logic smacks of the sort of verbal game playing that so often comes out of the mouths of people like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton, who have long since sold their souls for political gain. We just can’t go there; nor should we want to go there.

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