Facebook Fraud

Did you know that it is possible to purchase Facebook likes? There’s a legal way and an illegal way to do this, but it turns out that neither of them actually help generate real interest in your site. The video above is very illuminating. The interwebs are filled with chicanery.


  • Chris Ryan

    Since you bring up intertubes chicanery, were you the victim of a Denial of Service attack? The last 2 days I haven’t been able to get the page to load & even today its quite sluggish. Anyone else notice this?

    • Ian Shaw

      Yeah, he made a mention of it in his twitter feed and he’s working on it. It’s been happening to me for over a week now. Darn techmology…

  • James Giordano

    I’ve had trouble too. Seems like reloading the page usually resolves the problem. Hopefully Denny will find a fix.

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