ESPN Analysts Pick LSU over Ohio State

ESPN’s Pat Forde and Ivan Maisel pick LSU to beat Ohio State in the College Football Championship game on January 7, 2008. They say that LSU’s speed and mobile quarterbacks will prove too much for Ohio State. On top of that, LSU’s injured players will be strong and healthy by the time of the game, and all of this bodes ill for Ohio State. I agree (surprise, surprise!). You can watch Forde and Maisel for yourself here. Geaux Tigers!


  • Matt Harmon


    Beware of the following:

    (1) Since the start of the BCS, the underdog has won more than the favorite.

    (2) LSU is losing its defensive coordinator to Nebraska

    (3) LSU is being told by everybody with a microphone that they will win

    (4) OSU (and its fans) are sick of hearing how they cannot compete with the SEC and will be particularly motivated in light of last year’s embarassing performance.

    (5) Jim Tressel is a MUCH better coach in pressure situations than Les Miles. Even LSU fans have to admit that they do not fully trust MIles under the gun.

    (6) These are the same analysts to a person who thought OSU would dominate Florida last year.

    All of this should prepare you for a Lee Corso “not so fast my friend.” I’m not predicting or guaranteeing anything, but all of these factors should be enough to make LSU fans pause before ordering their national championship apparel.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Has a team with 2 losses EVER been crowned with the National Championship?

    If that happens this year, those who worship the false god of college football will get what they deserve from their idol: disappointment, despair, and that creeping sense that this thing is really not worth worshiping.

    May this fiasco turn people to the only object worthy of worship: the Triune God who ever exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • Micah

    Actually, yes, but that was more of a fluke (in 1959 Minnesota was crowned national champion but then lost the bowl game).

    Of course there are other sports. In those competitions teams often lose several times before prevailing as the victor.

  • Art

    Jim, come on. After hiring Bobby Patrino, I can understand why Arkansas fans would compare college football to worshiping false gods.

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