Doug Wilson on the Occupy Wall Street Protest

Ed Rendell is probably one of the more affable Democrats there is, and if he’s down on your protest movement then something’s probably wrong. Earlier this week, I heard Rendell say that the Occupy Wall Street protesters needed to go take a bath and get serious. Ouch!

From the other end of the spectrum, Doug Wilson weighs-in today with his thoughts about the protesters. It’s pretty hard-hitting and worth the read. The money line is at the very end:

They know how to demonize absolutely everyone but the demons.

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  • Christiane

    Who ARE the people protesting ?

    who are they?

    are they American ?

    why are they protesting ?

    why is it so wide-spread . . . showing up now in many parts of our country ?

    it is connected to policies that these people are against?
    if so, what policies are they?

    why is this the time that these protestors have chosen for this to be happening?

    how are they protesting?

    what do they want?

    why ‘Wall Street’? (here, I’m thinking it must be economics-related.)

    so many questions . . . I need to know the truth of this because it is spreading rapidly throughout our nation, and I want to know answers as to ‘why’? ‘why now’?
    and ‘why these people’?

    who are these protesters, these many protestors ? Who are they?

    • Derek

      It’s actually not as many protesters as the media portrays. But if you really want to know why, do a little bit of research on George Soros. He’s the one who’s feeding them and orchestrating this.

  • Brian Krieger

    Some thoughts from the comments that I found interesting as well….
    Reading your posting, I couldn’t help but think of the danger of mobs, such as the one currently outside wall street. An aimless mob without a unifying ideal is a mob quick to devolve as it percieves all to be an enemy and has no ethic to constrain. You quickly have the makings of Compton after Rodney King, or Paris with the Jacobins cutting of the heads of kings, clergy, and anyone with more than their fair share.


    Hopelessness. Perpetual long term unemploymnet. the appearance that Mexican get all the jobs because the employers don’t have to pay taxes on illegal wages, this really has the feel of the Bonus March of 1932. On Steroids.

    It doesn’t matter how many ipods the crowd has. The spirit of economic despair is real. When people feel hopeless, they will do ANYTHING, no matter how illegal to not feel hopeless. I really think that these protests are going to turn violent, soon.


    Maybe. But there is a world of difference between hopelessness on the one hand, and plain old laziness and greed on the other. The fact that a lazy greedy person feels a high degree of angst and frustration over not being able to easily steal the other guy’s stuff, and sells that angst as “hopelessness,” does not mean that he is actually hopeless. It only means he is lazy, greedy, and immature.

    These are crybabies throwing a temper tantrum, and there is little sympathy to be had for any of them. In the grand scheme of things, the very last thing any of us really want is “our fair share.” We are incredibly blessed by God’s providence and mercy, and the only appropriate response to this fact is constant thanksgiving. What we see here instead is a kid looking at his brother’s bowl of ice cream.

  • Debbie

    These protestors not only think they have a “right” to a job, but they have a “right” to a job paying a certain wage, with lot’s of time off and lot’s of benefits. Reminds me of the “young leaders” in the SBC who don’t think it’s necessary to put in time and energy but are demanding that they be given positions of “leadership” and have everything exactly the way they want it and the way they want it now. We’ve raised a generation of spoiled brats who don’t believe they have to work or put in any time before they start demanding benifits that others of previous generations had to work hard for and put in the time to obtain.

  • Sandra

    These protestors seem to be falling in line with prophecy. Look at their motives, methods, and world-wide attention. Our world has become so small and so infiltrated/consumed by the sinful desires of the flesh and rebellion against God. I’m not trying to be “gloom-and-doom,” because I know Who is incontrol and I know He holds my hand. However, there are so many who don’t know Him. That tragedy is so sad.

  • John

    Wall Street greed is one of the top reasons our economy is in such a mess right now. When the government should have communicated to the corporate greedy oligarchs that behavior has consequences and let their corporations go the way of the dodo, we bailed them out with taxpayer money to only let them perpetuate their greedy tactics. The protesters are noble, not “demonic” or crybabies. Sure, there’s some nutcases there and some Marxist-type idealists, but overall the message needs to be preached loud & clear to the most greedy people in the world. We won’t tolerate this stuff for much longer, no matter how loud we proclaim “capitalism” or how much we think the class system is a good thing.

  • Matt

    As Tim Keller says- Capitalism and Communism have the same problem- greed. For communism the greed is in the hands of government and for capitalism the greed is in the hands of business. Politics- neither capitalism or communism will solve our issues. People need their hearts regenerated.

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