Doonesbury Lampoons Romney

Does Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney have the courage of his convictions? The comic strip Doonesbury doesn’t think so. As I have written before on this blog, he has a long way to go before he convinces pro-life voters that he is really pro-life. Right now, he appears to both liberals and conservatives as a rank opportunist whose “convictions” are shaped by whatever will get him the most votes in his next election. Thus far, his is hardly an inspiring candidacy.

(HT: Bruce Tomaso)


  • Paul

    Frankly Denny, I can’t see why you don’t just take every Republican at their word.

    After all, you do so with Bush and Cheney even though they intentionally write pro-life bills to be unconstitutional.

    After all, you support a party that gets an abortion ban on a ballot in South Dakota, and then does nothing to promote the bill.

    I mean, if you’re going to support a president whose lies have killed or maimed tens of thousands of Americans already, you might as well support more liars, right?

  • Jason

    I wasn’t aware that Bush and Cheney were in the legislative branch; I must have missed that election. I knew the tongue could be like a sword, but I didn’t realize it could be like a suicide bomb too.

    On another political topic, I’m wondering why Pelosi is in Syria. I don’t really understand that one.

  • Paul


    many bills are written with help from or suggestion by the White House. Bush could have vetoed the bill until it was bulletproof, he could have made suggestions, he could have done any number of things to ensure that at least one style of abortion was made illegal. He didn’t. Instead, he allowed a bill that he knew would be unconstitutional to get past his desk, knowing it would make great political fodder later.

    As for Pelosi being in Syria, somebody needs to actually do some talking with them, and honestly, with Iran as well. Dialogues can indeed make progress in situations. It might very well be in this situation. If talks don’t accomplish much, then there is little to no loss. If you don’t hold the talks in the first place, there is little hope for gain, is there not?

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